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Worthless - Agnes Török


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Poem by Agnes Török on the news of a new Conservative budget. Subtitles in English, Greek and Hungarian available via the settings/subtitle button. More translations to follow. More info below:
Based on experiences of living in Britain under austerity as a young, queer, unemployed, female immigrant student - and not taking it any more.

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Filmed and edited by Perry Jonsson

Part of Loud Poets collective

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"What I see" by Robbero, remixed by Perry Jonsson and used in accordance with it's Attribution Noncommercial (3.0) CC Licence.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of crowd sourced translation of the poem!
Greek by Eleni P.
Hungarian by Kincses István
French by Christina Intrator
Dutch by Magali Bosmans
Québécois French by Sylvie Gabrielle Robert
Swedish by Carina Persson