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  1. Not Synced
    i think its okay to start my analysis
  2. Not Synced
    of guilermo del toros Pan labyrinth
  3. Not Synced
    with a spoiler
  4. Not Synced
    ophelia - the main character...
  5. Not Synced
    she dies at the end
  6. Not Synced
    i feel fine doing that
  7. Not Synced
    because del toro does the exact same thing with his movie
  8. Not Synced
    the first shot of pan`s labyrynth
  9. Not Synced
    is the ending
  10. Not Synced
    and it`s also the first way in which Del toro
  11. Not Synced
    complicates that ending
  12. Not Synced
    but before we get into that
  13. Not Synced
    a few things about fairy-tales
  14. Not Synced
    for most of us the authoritative source
  15. Not Synced
    for fairy-tales is walt disney
  16. Not Synced
    and that`s no accident
  17. Not Synced
    disney set out to claim that authority
  18. Not Synced
    when he made films like snow white, cinderella
  19. Not Synced
    or sleeping beauty
  20. Not Synced
    by adapting folk tales in the public domain
  21. Not Synced
    and copywriting the adaptations
  22. Not Synced
    still, because film was a relatively new media
  23. Not Synced
    capturing tha authority he wanted required Disney
  24. Not Synced
    to remain faithful to the original versions
  25. Not Synced
    of these stories popularized by charles piero
  26. Not Synced
    and brothers grimm
  27. Not Synced
    he made the transition from print to cinema
  28. Not Synced
    as smooth as possible for the audience
  29. Not Synced
    even going so far as to begin his movies with
  30. Not Synced
    the oppenning of a book
  31. Not Synced
    Disney was smart
  32. Not Synced
    his films are now regarded as classics
  33. Not Synced
    and yet, by remaining so faithful to the stories
  34. Not Synced
    19-centure antecedents
  35. Not Synced
    he inherited and furthered their 19th century
  36. Not Synced
  37. Not Synced
    a conservative, patriarchal value system
  38. Not Synced
    in which the prince always comes to save
  39. Not Synced
    the helpless heroine
  40. Not Synced
    a value system that was antiquated even then
  41. Not Synced
    in this way, disney limited the kinds of things
  42. Not Synced
    a fairy-tale can do
  43. Not Synced
    in Pan`s labyrinth guilermo del toro attempts
  44. Not Synced
    to explode these limitations and he does so
  45. Not Synced
    by recontextualising the stories
  46. Not Synced
    instead of pulling from a single authoritative source
  47. Not Synced
    del toro pulls from a huge number of sources
  48. Not Synced
    giving non-precedence over the others
  49. Not Synced
    and letting them all play against one another
  50. Not Synced
    to create meaning
  51. Not Synced
    the film tells the story of the little girl
  52. Not Synced
    offelia and her mother Carmen
  53. Not Synced
    as they go to live a hyper-fashist captain Vidall
  54. Not Synced
    five years after the spanish civil war
  55. Not Synced
    vidall is trying to snugg out the last remnants
  56. Not Synced
    of rebellion in the mountains awaiting his childs birth
  57. Not Synced
    by carmen
  58. Not Synced
    while Ophelia becomes ensnared in a magical quest
  59. Not Synced
    after a faun tells her she is the lost princess
  60. Not Synced
    of an underground realm
  61. Not Synced
    from here the story spins out into two paralles narratives
  62. Not Synced
    the magical quest and the political drama
  63. Not Synced
    crucially, neither of these narratives becomes reducable
  64. Not Synced
    to the other
  65. Not Synced
    del toro makes a point of this
  66. Not Synced
    by entwaining them in ways, that makes
  67. Not Synced
    any totalizing explanation problematic
  68. Not Synced
    at the end of the film for exampe we get what seems to be
  69. Not Synced
    a nail in the coffin for the magical quest
  70. Not Synced
    vidall approachers ophelia speaking with the faun
  71. Not Synced
    and when the camera cuts to his point of view
  72. Not Synced
    the faun is not there
  73. Not Synced
    it appears to be solid evidence for those who read
  74. Not Synced
    ophelias quest as a coping mechanism for her sad life
  75. Not Synced
    but, if we back up, we can see how del toro
  76. Not Synced
    complicates that reading by remembering
  77. Not Synced
    that vidall has just been drugged with a heavy dose of sleeping medication
  78. Not Synced
    in other stories, drug induced gallucinations
  79. Not Synced
    are used to explain a way why people see supernatural
  80. Not Synced
    but in pans labyrinth it`s the opposite
  81. Not Synced
    del toro uses the device to destabilize our trust
  82. Not Synced
    in captain vidalls point of view