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Will God Give Me Life? (1 John 5:16) - Ask Pastor Tim

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True life is to know the Lord intimately, but sin interrupts this. One of the greatest griefs behind sin is how it affects the Christian's fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ. If you pray for a brother who has committed a sin as a believer, which does not lead unto death, then what happens? The text says that God will give him life, meaning restore him in the specific area of sin that entered and interrupted his intimate walk with Christ.


Original question, "If I have sinned, and sin brings death (James 1:15), how can I have life and fellowship with God again? I have committed a sin and realize I no longer have the same relationship I had, although I was pressed by God to repent and did so. Can you say something about 1 John 5:16? "God will give him life", because that is what I am looking for. I have read somewhere that the relationship is not broken, but fellowship can be broken. Is it biblical to say so?"

[Recorded in March 2016]