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  1. Performing "Firesmoke"
    off her album,
  2. "The Book of Traps
    and Lessons,"
  3. please welcome to the show
    Kate Tempest.
  4. My visionary
    is a vision
  5. I watch her dancing
    by the window
  6. And it rips my flesh
    to ribbons
  7. And the whole world
    is just ripples
  8. In the middle, distant
  9. I listen to her hips
  10. I push my kisses
    to her lips
  11. We move like
    we were born to move
  12. The night is teeth
    and pistons
  13. And there is something
    in this tenderness
  14. That makes me
    want to live
  15. It's Firesmoke
  16. Her mouth sets free
    this captive
  17. Come close to me
  18. Free me
  19. Untangle the madness
    that knots you
  20. You drop to your knees
  21. You crawl across me
  22. You lick your lips softly
  23. It's firesmoke
  24. So, go on
  25. Give me three days
    of your body and mine
  26. Time is a blind eye
  27. And I see your mind
    in my mind's eye
  28. You make me immortal
  29. You take me to space
  30. You are a planet
    A place I've not known
  31. Your body is home
    to rare gods
  32. I kneel at their temple
  33. Blown to bits
  34. Gentle, ferocious
  35. We are open
  36. Explosives have nothing
    compared to these sparks
  37. So, let's fall apart
  38. And then,
    lie with me
  39. Breathing
    in the den of the dark
  40. It's firesmoke
  41. Your mouth sets free
    this captive
  42. Come close to me
  43. Free me
  44. Let me untangle the madness
    that knots you
  45. I drop to my knees
  46. I crawl across you
  47. I tell you
    I've got you
  48. It's firesmoke
    The fire rises between us
  49. It makes us get on
    the wrong train
  50. It makes us walk
    the wrong way
  51. It makes strangers smile
    greetings on Lewisham Way
  52. I bathe in this fire
  53. It warms without burning
  54. It compels without force
  55. And it turns
    without turning the world
  56. So, please
  57. Keep your purpose, your poise,
    and your journey
  58. I will be by the fire
  59. Thinking nothing I've learned
    can prepare me
  60. For everything else
    that needs learning
  61. Is this how it feels
    to feel certain?
  62. I don't know
  63. It's just that for so many
    years my love's been a burden
  64. But now comes this fire
    to cleanse and restore us
  65. To fuel us and calm us
  66. And push us both forwards
  67. Forwards
  68. Kate Tempest, folks.
  69. "The Book of Traps and Lessons"
    is out now.