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  1. I'm professor Hans Rosling.
  2. I hear some people say
  3. that global warming has stopped.
  4. They claim that temperature
    has reached the plateau.
  5. So I regularly check
    at the website of NOAA,
  6. National Oceanic and Atmospheric
    Administration in US.
  7. Now these are the latest data,
  8. and I'm going to show you.
  9. The graph shows 12-months periods,
  10. from the year I was born, 1948,
  11. up and including August 2014,
  12. the latest data.
  13. And upwards is warmer periods,
  14. and downwards is cooler periods.
  15. And during my first 20 years of life,
  16. there were some warm periods,
  17. some cold,
  18. but since mid seventies,
  19. when I graduated from University,
  20. it has been going up like this!
  21. Ok, in the last years, here,
  22. there has been the tendence
    of a plateau.
  23. But let me show you now
  24. the very last 12 month period.
    Here we go.
  25. These are the data up
    to including August 2014.
  26. It's the highest 12 months
    period ever recorded!
  27. And to assess this,
  28. you have to draw a trendline,
  29. because weather change
    year from year;
  30. climate change,
    decade from decade.
  31. Here we go,
  32. this is the statistical trendline.
  33. and it goes up like this,
  34. and it makes sense when you look at it.
  35. The last 12 months data
    confirm the long term trend:
  36. the temperature, on this planet,
  37. is getting higher and higher.