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Are Certain Hand Signs Satanic? - Ask Pastor Tim

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Are certain hand signs satanic? Hand gestures can have a variety of meaning depending upon their use in a specific culture. So can a hand signal mean something satanic? Yes, it could to some in a certain culture. Yet some may unintentionally do a hand signal without meaning anything by it. However, as believers we should seek to remove anything that could cause an offense.


Original question: "In my recent times, I've been hearing about certain hand signals/gestures as being satanic, for eg. In rock music rock stars stick their hands up in the air, putting both their index finger, and their pinky, like spider man shooting webs. What I'm asking is that do hand signals really show satanic things, and that this should be taken seriously, or is this really just a dumb superstition, that people are making up about. I want to know that should hand signs be taken seriously? Or is it that this whole hand signals/gestures really is just something stupid. Please let me know which one it is, cause I'm really confused about this situation."