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10 Reasons why Michael Jackson's Life and Death Matter

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What can we learn from Michael Jackson's Life and Death?
1. It teaches us the dangerous power of idolatry.
2. It teaches us the reality that all flesh is like grass.
3. Enormous wealth is poisonous to flesh.
4. It confirms the Biblical Truth that fallen man is given to self-destruction.
5. It was the example of a WASTED LIFE.
6. Shows us that life is a vacuum outside of Jesus Christ.
7. Is a great reminder that it's been given unto man once to die and then the judgment.
8. It teaches us the vanity of popularity.
9. It reminds us of how short life really is.
10. Teaches us that in the end, he is just another man.

The couple seconds of music at the start is from the song No Hope in Time by Jason Bellard

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