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Erstausstrahlung 07.12.1978
Einer der bekannstesten deutschen Sketche über den fiktiven „Jodel-Diplom-Abschluss“.
Für H.

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  1. Holeri di dudl jö.
  2. Sorry, how to write "di dudel"?
  3. As you speak it:
    "di dudl".
  4. Diridi di dudl dö.
  5. Diridi di dudl dö.
  6. Dudel?
  7. Dl. Dudl.
  8. Holera di dadl do.
  9. Holera di dadl do.
  10. Holeri du dödl di.
  11. Holeri du dödl di.
  12. Diri diri dödl du.
  13. Diri diri dödl du.
  14. We'll try to recite
  15. the previously acquired basic motives
    of the archduke Johann-yodeler.
  16. Please, Mr. Dr. Suderman.
  17. - Holeri di...
    - Dudl.
  18. - Dudl...
    - Jö.
  19. Jö.
  20. Mr. von Linienkron.
  21. Holera...
  22. Holera di dadl do.
  23. Thank you.
    Mrs. Hoppenstedt.
  24. - Holera da--
    - Holeri.
  25. - Holeri di dudl du.
    - Du dödl di.
  26. - Holeri du dödl du.
    - Du dödl di.
  27. As a whole sentence.
  28. - Holerö dö dudl dö.
    - Du dödl di.
  29. "De dudl dö" is future perfect
    at sunrise.
  30. Holeri di dudl do.
  31. - Di dudl dö.
    - Du dödl di.
  32. Holai--
  33. Holeri.
  34. - Holeri dö didl--
    - Du dödl.
  35. Du dödl di.
  36. All together now.
  37. Holleri du dödl di.
    Diri diri dudl dö.
  38. Thank you. That was is for today.
  39. We'll meet again on Thursday at 3:30 p.m.
  40. Excuse me, I'm from Radio Bremen.
  41. Please, would you like to answer
  42. some questions for our female journal?
  43. If it doesn't take too much time.
  44. - What's your name?
    - Hoppenstedt.
  45. Mr. Dr. Vogler, how do you explain the
    growing admission for your institute?
  46. You are totally right, Mr. Schmoller.
  47. I initiated the Vogler institute,
    the institute for modern yodeling, by myself.
  48. - You would--
    - Yodeling is--
  49. - Please.
    - No, no.
  50. Yodeling, I mean qualified yodeling,
    the yodeling with diplome of yodeling,
  51. I mean with yodeling degree,
    with yodeling diplom degree,
  52. makes a difference from yodeling
    without a yodeling diplom.
  53. Qualified yodeling doesn't compare to the
    usual yodeling without diplom,
  54. well, without yodeling degree,
    without yodeling diplom degree.
  55. Excuse me, "du dudl du"?
  56. - Du dödl di.
    - Ah, yes.
  57. Mrs. Hoppenstedt, what's the reason especially
    for women to enter a school of yodeling?
  58. Just the question is already upsetting me.
  59. What does it mean "for women"?
  60. Professional education isnt generally for men.
  61. I don't think--
  62. I think that especially a housewife with familiy
    should finish a professional education.
  63. When the kids move out, or something happens
  64. I'll get my yodeling degree after two years
    at yodeling school.
  65. Then I have something for my own.
  66. And I have the feeling,
    that Im on my own.
  67. I have something independent.
  68. Having my yodeling diplom.
  69. As a woman I want to have
    a meaningful occupation.
  70. Not just cooking and bringing
    my husband his slippers.
  71. Has your husband the same opinion?
  72. My husband wants a real partner,
    who develops her own mental skills -
  73. for the family, for the society.
  74. Holeri du dödl du.
  75. Di dudl dö.
  76. Du dödl di.