24/26 HOW TO GROW UP - They Need Family Not Meetings

24/26 HOW TO GROW UP - They Need Family Not Meetings

In this lesson we talk about how we can help people to grow up in Christ. First, we need to know if those around us are truly born again. A newborn needs milk.

If they're not born again they need something stronger then milk. They need blood. They need the blood of Jesus and the Gospel so they can get truly born again.

After they're born again and the fruit is there they need more than a meeting. They need a family - someone who can invite them into their home and spend time with them... to be there... to answer their questions... to help them when it's hard... to lift them up when they're falling... to pray for them when they need prayer...

Listen to this lesson and start to really be there for the next generation!

Are you new and don’t have anyone? Then pray that God will lead you to the right people who can be there for you...

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