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The free hookup craze on online dating service is a fad that is sweeping across the country. Many of the adult dating sites are adopting this "anything goes" attitude as they battle to stay alive in this new internet age. They are allowing members to post up pictures and personal information for any man or women who might want to get to know them. Some people may wonder how a free hookup site can be considered "best", but it all comes down to one simple fact; these sites are strictly voluntary.

So, if you go on any online dating service and simply "like" someone, that is the same as having an interest in meeting them. It doesn't mean you are ready to ever get married or have children with this person. If that were the case, millions of people would be out of work and not dating. I would think that the average person would see that and realize there is more to online dating than just liking someone and hoping they like you back. This may mean that free dating sites are a great way to get laid first, but that is certainly not the only way.

If you want to make sure that someone is not going to use your location-based services to try and get laid, you should consider not giving all of your information away in the free hookup profile that you create. A free hookup profile gives other members a chance to know more about you before deciding whether or not they are interested in meeting you. The best online dating services will offer a private area on their main page where members can choose to remain "secret" and take advantage of the ability to remain anonymous. This private area is great because you never have to worry that a stranger is going to use your information against you and ruin your chances of ever finding "the one".
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