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  1. (Intro Music)
  2. What up internet, Corinne here and you
    are you're watching Corinne v.s Beauty.
  3. We've all seen the glitter-root trend
    that exploded all over the internet

  4. not too long ago.
  5. But then, I saw this video in my facebook
    feed, and I was like
  6. "yes, glitter-curls, that's what I'm
    gonna do"
  7. Now, they're doing pin curls, and I've
    got a lot of hair
  8. it's really long
  9. and it really doesn't like to pin curl.
  10. So I'm thinking
  11. Glitter Victory Rolls
  12. Let's get started, shall we.
  13. Alright, I've had this braid in my hair
    for like 3 days, so that's probably not
  14. going to be the easiest the easiest thing
    to curl
  15. but, not everything in life is easy.
  16. (hums)
  17. I'm a mermaid, I'm a mermaid.
  18. I haven't brushed my hair also in like 3
    days, so...
  19. Always start at the ends
  20. (fake crying noises)
  21. Your hair is supposed to be dirty when you do
    (bleeped) like this so we're in luck.
  22. Ok, I got a top bun sectioned off here
  23. instead of curling all of this, we are
    just going to turn it into a classic
  24. French twist.
  25. You weren't expecting that twist, were you?
  26. Oh, you were?
  27. (Vally girl voice) Well, whatever then.
  28. Twistin' up my french twist here.
  29. See, it's kind of in the middle.
  30. (Sarcastically) Now we have to put in 500
    bobby pins.
  31. I like to kind of criss-cross them.
  32. This is a good time to mention that,
    you know,
  33. this is not an exact science.
  34. Does it look like a vagina?
  35. 'cause it kind of feels like a vagina.
  36. Wanna see to vagina hair? I don't know
  37. (laughs) This is how we camera.
  38. Really effective, isn't it?
  39. Gonna split up my remaining hair.
  40. That's a terrible part.
  41. I don't really know what I'm doing (laughs)
  42. (fake accent) Ohh, Ohh, close.
  43. Kinda
  44. (Whispers) We're gonna make it work
  45. Ahhh
  46. I'm not very good at this.
  47. (frustrated laughing)
  48. Ugh, you guys. This is why you don't take
    the easy way out.
  49. That's alright, this is what we are going
    to do:
  50. hairspray!
  51. This is gonna help.
  52. Maybe if I curl this bottom part here
  53. (hums) mmm hmm hmm
  54. That was anti-climactic
  55. This isn't even on!
  56. Now it's on
  57. Now it's on
  58. Try #2 I smell hair burning
  59. Alright, that's a lot better.
  60. That's a lot better.
  61. Whoo!
  62. Probably not going to have those ends for
    very much longer, but that's alright.
  63. (fake cries)
  64. (sarcastically) All in the name of beauty.
  65. Yeah?
  66. Yeah, I don't know about this you guys.
  67. It looks like crap.
  68. (sings) It looks like crap!
  69. Whatever, I'm just gonna move along.
  70. I may have to redo that other one, but
    that's okay.
  71. We are going to learn how to do it better
    on this one.
  72. And then we'll be in business.
  73. See how professionally this is being done?
  74. Yeah
  75. If I could just keep the curling iron in
    here we'd really have something.
  76. I think I am losing this
    victory roll.
  77. (cries) Victory is not mine.
  78. Forgot all about this side.
  79. (sadly) Whoo, that smells like hair,
  80. Alright, here we go.
  81. Trying to maintain some sort of roll
    structure and keep it in place.
  82. Alright, this one has some potential.
  83. Kids,
  84. this is not how it's done.
  85. It kind of looks cool, I guess.
  86. There we go.
  87. Noo! (sighs)
  88. (whines) Everything is gonna be ok.
  89. I think I'm a bobby pin...
  90. a bobby pin bridge.
  91. (hitting bell noise)
  92. I'm not using enough hairspray either.
  93. Much better here, I think.
  94. I've got that bobby pin bridge working at
    the top there.
  95. Hopefully, that helps to make a difference
  96. Already feels 1000x more secure.
  97. The bobby pin railroad track thingy is
    really important.
  98. ( mock fancy accent) Use some hairspray
  99. Let's try to do this one again, shall we?
  100. (sighs)
  101. I'm thinking about putting it here.
  102. Good ole' bobby pin railroad
  103. (hums)
  104. Ohh, it's cute!
  105. I think it's gonna work in this little
  106. If I can just get it to stay.
  107. (grumbles) No!
  108. One more try.
  109. The long hair struggle is real.
  110. Better, better, better.
  111. (sings) Fabulouso!
  112. (Whines) Huh, no!
  113. Stay.
  114. (electronic music) Kind of cute.
  115. (electronic music) All the hairspray
  116. (electronic music) Only 3 tries and we have
    somewhat victory... rolls
  117. Hair everywhere
  118. And now it is time for the fun (bleeped)
  119. It's glitter time
  120. Non-Toxic, extra fine glitter in amethyst
  121. ages 6+
  122. I'll also be using this Giovanni strong
    hold Eco Chic Technology
  123. Ok, so what we are going to do is put the
    gel in my little bowl here.
  124. There we go
  125. Boom, gel in the bowl.
  126. Now I am supposed to brush that on with my
    brush here.
  127. Ok,
  128. Ahh!
  129. Oh, yeah. This is how you (bleeped)
    glitter hair.
  130. I mean, I think it is working pretty well.
  131. I do have glitter all over the place, and
    that's not ideal.
  132. This is how you hold your hands when you're
    being a fairy glitter princess.
  133. Or Marina Joyce.
  134. A little inside the victory roll, I'd say.
  135. Tricky to get in there.
  136. (whines) It's all over my hands.
  137. (music)
  138. Oh, yes. This is going to be my holiday
  139. New year's eve here we come!
  140. (Music)
  141. Ah! It's in my ear, it's in my ear.
  142. (whines) Ah! It's everywhere.
  143. (music)
  144. (valley girl accent) I mean, it looks
    pretty (bleeped) cool.
  145. Shake some of it out.
  146. Whoo!
  147. Glitter victory.
  148. Now there is glitter everywhere.
  149. (whines) No!
  150. It's a (bleeped) mess!
  151. I still kind of look like a klingon
  152. but that's ok.
  153. Because I'm a glittery klingon.
  154. A purple glitter klingon princess.
  155. Yeah! As always I want to know what kind
    of videos you want to see me make
  156. on this channel.
  157. Leave your suggestions in the comments
    down below.
  158. And I'll see you later. Buh-bye.
  159. (whispers) No, really. Bye.
  160. Just kidding, I'm back.
  161. (whispers) No, now I'm going now.