Persistent dilemmas in conservation | Alexis Chavez | TEDxSanDiego


Based in Bwindi, Uganda, Alexis is the east Africa field specialist for ECOLIFE Foundation. She graduated with a B.Sc. in environmental conservation, and prior to ECOLIFE worked in Indonesia and Namibia, successfully coordinating volunteers programs and assisting with the management of wildlife rescue centers. Alexis's experience with wildlife conservation and wildlife rescue NGOs worldwide helped her determine, with the ECOLIFE Foundation, solutions to the false dilemmas we face on a daily basis. These solutions use conservation tools that provide critical natural resources to humans and wildlife, while sustaining the resource. For example, Alexis is implementing aquaponics farming in Uganda in order to create sustainable food sources, increasing family incomes that in turn also effectively conserve wildlife populations, rather than the alternative of overfishing or lack of access to fish.

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