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Do you have an Android phone? Then Firefox for Android will rock your World Wide Web!

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  1. Do you use an Android phone?
  2. Well Firefox is going to rock your World Wide Web!
  3. All that good stuff you love about Firefox on your desktop is now available when you're on the go.
  4. Now you have an alternative to your phone's basic browser,
  5. that's faster,
  6. smarter,
  7. and safer,
  8. with helpful features that make typing and navigating quick and easy,
  9. so you can get where you're going at warp speed.
  10. Firefox is made by people who put principles ahead of profits.
  11. We believe your data belongs to you,
  12. so we provide tools to let you protect your personal information,
  13. rather than collect and sell it the way others do.
  14. Now you're free to go wherever you want,
  15. secure in the knowlodge that Firefox is there by your side.
  16. Are you ready to take your phone to a better place?
  17. Then download Firefox for Android NOW!