Match announcement #4 (TCW, 14 September 2021)

Match announcement #4 (TCW, 14 September 2021)

#JJStorm #ElliotGreyson #DylanDaniels #MrSinclair
They argued as to who was more deserving of a shot at the North Esk title and Dylan Daniels couldn't decide who he wanted to face, which resulted in Mr. Sinclair stepping in to make the call.
To solve this dilemma, JJ Storm and Elliot Greyson will go head to head in a 'number one contender' match, with the winner earning the right to challenge Daniels for the North Esk Championship.
Oh... and on the orders of Sinclair, Dylan Daniels will be referee...
Breakout - 2 October 2021 - Elphin Sports Centre
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