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  1. Galludet University was established in 1864.
  2. From 1864 to 1987, that is 124 years.
  3. In 124 years, there has been 6 hearing presidents.
  4. The 6th president, Dr. Lee, announced that he was leaving.
  5. The Gallaudet community: students, teachers, faculity, alumni
  6. discussed how they felt that it was time for a Deaf president to be selected.
  7. They discussed and pushed for this.
  8. The candidates were picked and two were Deaf,
  9. one was hearing.
  10. March 1st, 1988 - the first formal rally happened.
  11. 1,500 people showed up to show their support and
  12. how they believed that a Deaf president should be selected.
  13. During March 2-5, media got involved
  14. and lots of people sent in their support for a Deaf president.
  15. On Sunday March 6th, we were excited to find out who would be selected.
  16. (chanting: Deaf President Now)
  17. "...he would be good for us."
  18. (unclear)
  19. "He as president would be proving to the world that he could take this position."
  20. We were dismayed when we saw the letter.
  21. We had come early, thinking that we would get some sort of speech but instead
  22. we found a pile of letters that were left for us that
  23. announced how we had a hearing president once again.
  24. We started to discuss what we should do and started to chant: "Deaf President Now"
  25. From this moment, the "Deaf President Now" protest began.
  26. (chanting: Deaf President Now)
  27. "Why hearing why?!"
  28. "This woman can't even sign. The students do not want her. We make our intentions very clear."
  29. "...and be our spokesperson?!?"
  30. (chanting: Deaf President Now!)
  31. (chanting: We want Zinser OUT!)
  32. "I am so mad. This makes me sick!"
  33. (unclear)
  34. "This is a slap in our face!"
  35. "If not now, then never. We want it now."
  36. (chanting: Deaf President Now!)
  37. (fingerspelling) "VERY DISAPPOINTING"
  38. (fingerspelling) "DISGUSTING"
  39. (fingerspelling) "SICKENING"
  40. (chanting: Deaf President Now!)
  41. ... for the afternoon classes, many buildings are empty...
  42. "...we want a Deaf president now!"
  43. "...I have never felt so defeated in my life."
  44. "...I am a very serious applicant..."
  45. "...Deaf president - we don't want one, we NEED one.."
  46. "... we have been oppressed..."
  47. "...the directors didn't really hear our needs."
  48. "...they won't listen to us!"
  49. "... we are ready for a Deaf person to lead our own lives."
  50. "..many tents have been set up tonight.."
  51. (chanting: "Deaf President Now!!")
  52. "We will not concede..."
  53. "They think we are unable to function, that we are not ready to function in the hearing world."
  54. "...this is ridiculous, I'm very angry this is happening." (Marlee Matlin)
  55. Zinser: "...would like to have that dialogue in person.."
  56. "....We do not want a hearing person. We do not want a compromise."
  57. "...we won't give up."
  58. "...very impressed with how the students are handling this."
  59. Zinser: "I believe very strongly that a Deaf individual one day not only be the president..."
  60. Marlee Matlin: "Why not now? Why not now?!"
  61. Hilbok: "NO, that is a old statement."
  62. "I am tired of hearing that again, again, again."
  63. "It becomes a cycle."
  64. "Our presidents always say that over and over."
  65. "We have decided that there will be no dialogue with her."
  66. "We are closing dialogue until the four demands are met."
  67. "...we cannot change our mind, we must continue until our demands are met."
  68. "'s better if we have a Deaf president."
  69. "...I will continue for as long as it takes."
  70. "...we won't stop until the board of trustees give up and give us a Deaf president."
  71. ..."the four demands by the Gallaudet community are entirely justified..."
  72. "We are getting bigger, and we become stronger, stronger, and stronger now!"
  73. "...we are waiting to see what will happen next."
  74. "...they have been oppressing us for a long time, it's time to stop and support us..."
  75. "...a total of 1,500 protestants have gathered..."
  76. ..."Let history judge us from now on..."
  77. "...there's still 3 1/2 demands left."
  78. (Zinser signs I love you while speaking)
  79. "...We are talking to YOU Spilman!"
  80. "...I'm glad she resigned."
  81. Gallaudet Universty students are saying that there are still 3.5 demands left to be met..."
  82. "...I've never been prouder as a Deaf person."
  83. "...they are really my family, these Deaf people. Family, teachers, friends, everything."
  84. "...Right now all Deaf people are united."
  85. "We the board of trustees now elect Dr. Jordan King as our 8th president of Gallaudet University."
  86. "I am inspired to accept the invite from board of trustees"
  87. "to become president at Gallaudet University."
  88. "...we made it!"
  89. (chanting: "We won! We won!")
  90. "When it was announced that Zinser was president last week, that was the lowest..."
  91. "but it got better, everyday, it increased."
  92. "and now this is the best time ever."
  93. "I have to say we are very very happy and there will be a big party on campus tonight."
  94. ..."I willingly resigned because I believe very strongly that this is in the best interest for Gallaudet University..."
  95. "...very surprised that Spilman resigned. I thought she would continue."
  96. "I'm very happy."
  97. "...we worked so hard!"
  98. "This university will never be the same."
  99. (unclear)
  100. "...we won it!"
  101. Since then, we have had 3 Deaf presidents.
  102. Now we know Gallaudet University will always have a Deaf president.
  103. That impacted us all across the world.
  104. Deaf President Now changed into Deaf People Now.