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    Hey Michigan, it is time to vote. First, you need to register though!
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    And if you're not sure whether you're registered already
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    there's a link in the description where you can go check right now.
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    If you're not registered or if you moved or changed your name since the last election
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    and need to update your registration, there's a few ways you can do it:
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    if you have a Michigan driver's licence, you can go to the
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    link in the description and register online now.
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    If you don't have a licence, say you received it from another state or yu don't drive,
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    you can still register.You need to just print out the form in the description,
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    fill it out and mail it to your city clerk's office. A link to all their addresses is down in the description too.
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    Either way you register, the deadline to sending your form is October 19th.
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    If you miss that deadline, you can still register all the way through election day
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    by filling out the form and bringing it to your city clerk's office and handing it in by hand.
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    Once you're registered, there's a few different ways you can vote:
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    If you want to vote from the comfort of your own home,
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    you can request to vote absentee by mail
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    You can use the online or the mail-in application.
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    There are links t both in the description.
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    You have until October 30 to request your absentee ballot. But the sooner you do it, the more time you have
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    to get your ballot in the mail, fill it out at your own pace and send it back before November 3rd.
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    You can also vote early in person at your county's election office
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    from September 17 to November 2nd, during their normal business hours.
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    Some offices stay open for extra weekend and evening hours. So check out the link below to find out
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    when and where you can vote early in your county. If you wanna vote on election day on November 3rd though,
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    you'll use the same website you used to check your registration to find out where to go vote.
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    Polls are open from 7 am to 8 pm and you need to show a photo ID: a driver's license, state ID, student ID, passport, military or
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    tribal ID are all acceptable. You can also go to the link in the description to look at a sample ballot that tells you everything
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    you'll be able to vote for in this year's election. You don't have to vote for everything on the ballot
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    You can leave things blank if you want to. But your local elections can be pretty important. So, it's worth checking out
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    what is on there ahead of time. You can even take a screenshot or print it out and bring it to the polls with you so you can
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    remember how you want to vote. Before you go, the best thing to do if you're gonna vote this year is make a plan to vote right
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    now. From what day you're gonna go register, to whether you're gonna vote in person
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    or absentee what kind of ID you're gonna use and where is it,
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    even what time you're gonna vote and how you're gonna get there. Write it down, put it in your Notes app, text it to a friend,
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    just make a plan so that nothing unexpected stops you from being counted on November 3rd. All the links you need to check
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    your registration and polling location are in the description. Thanks for being a voter. How to vote in every state is produced
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    by Complexity in partnership with the MediaWise Voter Project, which is led by the Poynter Institute and supported by Facebook.
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