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← SCOTUS Justices: How Does a Justice Retire?

Marcia Coyle of the National Law Journal discusses what happens when a Supreme Court justices decides to retire. Filmed at the Supreme Court Historical Society in Washington, D.C. For more SCOTUS and politics coverage from the PBS NewsHour, visit http://pbs.org/newshour


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  1. There really is no process;
  2. each justice decides when
    it is time to leave.
  3. Some will notify their colleagues
    ahead of time,
  4. before it's "leaked" to the Press,
    or the Press finds out officially.
  5. Usually a justice will first
    inform the President
  6. that he or she is going to retire
  7. and, it's again, it's solely
    after that particular justice
  8. would call it a day.
  9. And some of them will retire,
    will leave the bench
  10. on the last day of the term
    in which they decide to retire;
  11. some like Justice O'Connor said
    that she would leave
  12. when her successor was confirmed,
    and again, that's up to the justice,
  13. and as soon as the President
    receives notification,
  14. that's when the wheel start
  15. in terms of building a list
    of possible successors.