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← Two newcomers vie for Georgia’s open Senate seat


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  1. Exactly two weeks from election day,
  2. and Georgia is a surprise place
  3. Democrats are suddenly hopeful about.
  4. The two major party candidates
  5. running for the open Senate seat
  6. are first-time candidates,
  7. but both come from well-known
    political families.
  8. This weekend I traveled
    to the Peach State
  9. to find out how a race between
    two non-politicians
  10. has become a nail biter.
  11. ♪ (gospel choir singing) ♪
  12. Worshipers at the historical
    Ebenezer Baptist Church
  13. in downtown Atlanta
    were fired up on Sunday.
  14. Determined to make their voices heard.
  15. So we've got to go out and vote,
  16. like we never voted before.
  17. (applause)
  18. It was the sort of stars
    of the Civil Rights movement turnout
  19. you'd expect
    in a Presidential election year,
  20. with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s
    sister Christine,
  21. arm-in-arm with Congressman John Lewis,
  22. leading the way at a large
    Get Out the Vote drive
  23. called Souls to the Polls.
  24. But it is not a Presidential election year,
  25. and the first African-American president,
    Barack Obama,
  26. is not on the ballot.
  27. Except in TV spots being aired by most
    Republican Senate candidates this year
  28. including David Perdue, here in Georgia.
  29. Job losses come from
    bad policies in Washington,
  30. the policies of President Obama,
    and Michele Nunn.
  31. The President himself said,
    "Make no mistake.
  32. These policies are on the ballot."
  33. Perdue, a 64-year-old
    former corporate executive
  34. and first-time candidate,
  35. is trying to take advantage
    of President Obama's unpopularity.