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New York Voter Paul Zemla: We Need to Hold People Accountable for Their Actions

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  1. [What is the most important issue to you this elections season?]
  2. To get the economy moving and more jobs.
  3. That's where I feel the biggest opportunity is
  4. for either candidate to get us there.
  5. Being a local businessperson here
  6. in the Hamburg area,
  7. I feel that more and more the people
  8. are waiting to see what is going to happen
  9. in the election year.
  10. Some of the problems that I think
  11. we are having is that there are a lot of
  12. numbers that are being skewed
  13. and we need to have somebody there
  14. that is going to make the changes.
  15. [Do you think the political system is broken? If so, how would you fix it?]
  16. I dont think the system is broken,
  17. but I think what we need to do
  18. is get people more accountable.
  19. for all their actions.
  20. When you are in the office,
  21. you need to be accountable for it.
  22. When you make promises,
  23. you got to keep to them.
  24. [Are you hopeful about the future?]
  25. I am hopeful for the future, absolutely.
  26. I feel that maybe with some fresh people
  27. in the government and stuff like that,
  28. it will help us out in the long run.
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