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← Using on-demand passwords

Remembering passwords is a hassle. Let Yahoo take care of it with on-demand passwords. We'll send you a password when you need it to sign in.

This feature is currently available only to Yahoo users in the US.


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  1. Using on-demand passwords
  2. Are you tired of creating and remembering "secure" passwords?
  3. Are you worried others can use your password to access your account?
  4. Yahoo's on-demand passwords let you access your account without relying on a memorized password
  5. We send a temporary password to your mobile device whenever you need to sign in
  6. Let's get started!
  7. Begin on the Yahoo home page
  8. Click your name
  9. Or begin on another Yahoo page
  10. Click the gear icon
  11. Select Account info
  12. You may be asked to re-enter your password
  13. If so, type your current password and click Sign In
  14. Now you're on your account page
  15. Click Account security
  16. To use on-demand passwords, you first need to turn them on
  17. Click here to begin
  18. Click Set up on-demand passwords
  19. Enter a mobile phone number where we can send you an opt-in verification code
  20. Enter the code that you receive on your phone
  21. Make sure that your account recovery information is up to date
  22. If not, you could get locked out of your account!
  23. Click Looks good
  24. Congratulations! Your account now uses on-demand passwords
  25. The next time you need to sign in...
  26. Enter your user name as usual
  27. Click Send my password
  28. We'll send a temporary password to your mobile device
  29. Enter the password, then click Sign In
  30. Congratulations! You're signed in!
  31. And you didn't have to remember a password!