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'There's a Lot of Politicians That Think We're Stupid'

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    [What is the most important issue to you this election season?]
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    I would probably say Health Care is the biggest.
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    (Interviewer - off Camera) And why?
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    I know several people without it. In my own family, for one.
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    Er, the cost of paying the bills out of your pocket has been enormous.
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    Er, there is probably millions more, just as in the same as in my family.
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    They just don't have the care and can't get things done that they need done.
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    [Do you think the political system is broken? If so, how would you fix it?]
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    It's pretty much broken because it's, it's definitely a strict ideology.
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    You have to have compromise, both in democrats and republicans.
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    You know, I never voted for Clinton, but I tell he seemed to be able to sway both sides.
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    Give a little; take a little. I don't know if we will ever see that again in my live time.
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    Er, you have to have business, you have to have corporate America, but you also
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    need labor. And you need, definitely, a middle class.
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    [Are you hopeful about the future?]
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    Yes, I am very hopeful for the future, because I think there are a lot of politician
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    that think we are stupid and, just as we put them into the office, we can take them out
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    of the office by the vote.
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    I think you should pay attention to the issues and not just go in and pull a lever
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    because you are a democrat or because you are a republican.
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    Put a little thought into it, and demand to know what the politicians are, are actually for.
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'There's a Lot of Politicians That Think We're Stupid'

New York Voter Sharon Mortin: "There's a Lot of Politicians That Think We're Stupid"

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