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  1. Good evening! I am Nikki Haley, governor
    of the great state of South Caroline
  2. I'm speaking tonight from Columbia,
    our state's capital city.
  3. Much like America as a whole,
    our state has a rich and complicated
  4. history. One that proves the idea that
    each day can be better than the last.
  5. In just a minute, I'm going to talk about
    a vision of a brighter American future.
  6. But first, I want to say a few words
    about President Obama
  7. who just gave his final State of
    the Union address.
  8. Barack Obama's election as president
    7 years ago broke historic barriers
  9. and inspired millions of Americans,
  10. as he did when he first ran for office,
  11. tonight, President Obama spoke eloquently
    about grand things.
  12. He's at his best when he does that.
    Unfortunately, the President's record
  13. has often fallen far short of his soaring
  14. As he enters his final years in office,
    many Americans are still feeling
  15. the squeeze of an economy to weak
    to raise income levels.
  16. We're feeling a crushing national debt;
    A health care plan that has made
  17. insurance less affordable; and
    doctors less available;
  18. and chaotic unrest in many of our cities.
  19. Even worse, we are facing the most
    dangerous terrorist threat
  20. our nation has seen since September 11.
  21. And this President appears unwilling
    or unable to deal with it.
  22. Soon the Obama presidency will end
  23. and American will have the chance to turn
    in a new direction.
  24. That direction is what I want to talk about
  25. At the outset, I will say this: you've
    paid attention to what has
  26. been happening in Washington and you are
    not naive. Neither am I.
  27. I see what you see. And many of your
    frustrations are my frustrations.
  28. A frustration with a government
    that has grown day after day,
  29. year after year, yet doesn't service any
  30. A frustration with the same endless
    conversations we hear
  31. over and over again.
    A frustration with promises made
  32. and never kept. We need to be honest
    with each other and with ourselves.
  33. While Democrats in Washington
    bear much responsibility
  34. for the problems facing America today,
    they do not bear it alone.
  35. There is more than enough blame
    to go around.
  36. We as Republicans need to own that truth.
  37. We need to recognize our contributions
    to the erosion of the public trust
  38. in America's leadership.
  39. We need to accept that we've played a role
  40. in how and why our government is broken.
  41. And then, we need to fix it.
  42. The foundation that has made America that
  43. last best hope on earth, hasn't gone anywhere.
  44. It still exists. It's up to us to return to it.
  45. For me, that starts right where it
    has always has.
  46. I am the proud daughter of Indian immigrants
    who reminded
  47. my brothers, my sister, and me everyday
    how blessed we were to live in this country.
  48. Growing up in the rural South, my family
    didn't look like our neighbors.
  49. And we didn't have much. There were time
    that were tough.
  50. But we had each other.
  51. And we had the opportunity to do anything.
  52. To be anything,
  53. as long as we were willing to work for it.
  54. My story is really not much different from
  55. millions of othe Americans.
  56. Immigrants have been coming to our shores
    for generations.
  57. To live the dream that is America.
  58. They wanted better for their children than
    for themselves.
  59. That remains the dream for all of us.
  60. And in this country, we've seen
    time and again
  61. that that dream is achievable.
  62. Today, we live in a time of threats
    like few others in recent memory.
  63. During anxious times, it can be tempting
  64. to follow the siren call of the
    angriest voices.
  65. We must resist that temptation.
  66. No one who is willing to work hard,
  67. abide by our laws and love our traditions,
  68. should ever feel unwelcome in this country.
  69. At the same time, that does not mean
  70. we just flat out open our boarders.
  71. We can't do that. We cannot continue to
  72. allow immigrants to come here illegally.
  73. And in this age of terrorism, we must not
  74. let in refugees whose intentions
  75. cannot be determined.
  76. We must fix our broken immigration system.
  77. That means stopping illegal immigration
  78. and it means welcoming properly vetted
  79. legal immigrants, regardless of their
    race or religion,
  80. just like we have for centuries.
  81. I have no doubt that if we act with
    proper focus,
  82. we can protect our borders, our sovereignty,
  83. and our citizens. All while remaining true to
  84. America's noblest legacies.
  85. This pass Summer, South Caroline was dealt
  86. a tragic blow.
  87. On an otherwise ordinary Wednesday evening
    in June,
  88. at the historic Mother Emanual Church
    in Charleston.
  89. 12 faithful men and women, young and old went to
  90. bible study. That night, someone new
    joined them.
  91. He didn't look like them,
  92. didn't act like them,
    didn't sound like them.
  93. They didn't throw him out,
    they didn't call the police.
  94. Instead, they pulled up a chair,
    and prayed with him for an hour.
  95. We lost 9 incredible souls that night.
  96. What happened after the tragedy,
    is worth pausing to think about.
  97. Our state was struck with shock, pain
    and fear.
  98. But our people would not allow
    hate to win.
  99. We didn't have violence,
    we had vigils.

  100. We didn't have riots,
    we had hugs.
  101. We didn't turn against each other's
    raced or religion.
  102. We turned toward God
    and to the values that
  103. have long made our country
    the freest and greatest in the world.
  104. We removed the symbol
    that was being used to divide us.
  105. And we found the strength
    that united us against
  106. a domestic terrorist and
    the hate that filled him.
  107. There is an important lesson in this.
    In many parts of society today,
  108. weather in popular culture, academia,
    the media, or politics,
  109. there is a tendency to falsely acquaint noise
    with results.
  110. Some people think that you have to be
    the loudest voice in the room
  111. to make a difference.
    That's just not true.
  112. Often, the best thing we can do
    is turn down the volume.
  113. When the sound is quieter,
    you can actually hear
  114. what someone else is saying.
    And that can make a world of difference.
  115. Of course, that doesn't mean
    we won't have
  116. strong disagreements. We will.
  117. And as we usher in this new era,
    Republicans will stand up
  118. for our beliefs.
  119. If we held the White House,
    taxes would be lower
  120. for working families
    and we will put the breaks
  121. on runaway spending and debt.
  122. We would encourage
    American innovation
  123. and success, instead of demonizing them.
  124. So our economy would truly soar
    and good jobs will be available
  125. across our country.
  126. We would reform education
    so it worked best for
  127. students, parents, and teachers;
  128. not Washington bureaucrats
  129. and union bosses.
  130. We would end the disastrous
    health care program
  131. and replace it with reforms that
    lower costs
  132. and actually, let you keep your doctor.
  133. We would respect differences in modern
  134. But we would also insist on
    respect for religious liberty,
  135. as a corner stone of our democracy.
  136. We would recognize the importance
    of the separation of powers
  137. and honor the constitution in its entirety.
  138. And, yes, that includes the Second and
    Tenth Amendments.
  139. We would make international agreements
    that were celebrated in Israel
  140. and protested in Iran. Not the
    other way around.
  141. And rather than just thanking
  142. our brave men an women
    in uniform,
  143. we would actually
    strengthen our military.
  144. So both our friends and our enemies
    would know that
  145. America seeks peace.
    But when we fight wars,
  146. we win them.
  147. We have big decisions to make.
    Our country is being tested.
  148. But we've been tested in the past
    and our people have always
  149. risen to the challenge.
  150. We have all the guidance we need
    to be safe and successful.
  151. Our forefathers paved the way for us.
  152. Let's take their values
    and their strengths
  153. and rededicate ourselves to
    doing whatever it takes
  154. to keep America the greatest
    country in the history of man...
  155. and woman.
  156. Thank you. Good night. And God bless.