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  1. And finally tonight some domestic politics
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    A look at the intensifying clash
  3. 没有同步
    between red and blue America
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    Few places reflect the growing political chasm as
  5. 没有同步
    does the state of Wisconsin
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    and in particular
  7. 没有同步
    metropolitan Milwaukee-
  8. 没有同步
    home to an engaged electorate
  9. 没有同步
    and deep racial, social, and
    economic divisions.
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    Gwen traveled there this past week...
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    50 years ago we had that battle
  12. 没有同步
    Why are we fighting it again?
  13. 没有同步
    Lifelong Milwaukee resident Earl Ingram
  14. 没有同步
    lives on one side of the divide
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    Earl Ingram: Wisconsin has had
    a terrible history
  16. 没有同步
    like many other states, in this
  17. 没有同步
    in this country
  18. 没有同步
    of not being fair when it comes
    to people of color.
  19. 没有同步
    Not just here, but across the nation.
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    With the conservative reality
  21. 没有同步
    that has come back.
  22. 没有同步
    Keith Best, who left the city
    for the suburbs
  23. 没有同步
    in his 30s
  24. 没有同步
    lives on the other.
  25. 没有同步
    Keith Best: I saw our jobs
    were leaving,
  26. 没有同步
    I saw our taxes were going up.
  27. 没有同步
    and I saw the school system was failing.
  28. 没有同步
    And that's why I moved on to Waukesha
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    Best and Igram are from essentially
  30. 没有同步
    the same place--
  31. 没有同步
    Battleground, Wisconsin--
  32. 没有同步
    minutes away from one another in distance,
  33. 没有同步
    but miles away in their politics.
  34. 没有同步
    In Milwaukee's neighborhood named Coffee
    Coffe Makes you black
  35. 没有同步
    the topic was how to curb the neighborhood violence.
  36. 没有同步
    Thirty children have been shoot in the city
    only this year.
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    It is politics it takes
    it takes every single resource
  38. 没有同步
    that we have not out of not on te
    rigt here in Milwaukee
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    By contract, the republican Congressman
    James S Community own all a few miles away
  40. 没有同步
    the hot topic was immigration.
  41. 没有同步
    I believe there is no only humanitarian crisis,
    but it is a national security crisis.
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    The audience-- black and white,
    Democrats and Republicans,
  43. 没有同步
    urban and suburban,
  44. 没有同步
    reflects a sober truth.
  45. 没有同步
    Residents of Metropolitan Milwaukee,
    once home to independent thinkers,
  46. 没有同步
    no longer view the world through the same lens.
  47. 没有同步
    The City of Milvokee, its majority and minority,
    56% of Black and Hispanic
  48. 没有同步
    But te minoity poulation in the surrounding
    suburbs is somewhere in the single digits.
  49. 没有同步
    And here, in Southeastern Wisconsin,
    it goes way beyond race--
  50. 没有同步
    to social, economic, and partisan segregation.
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    Milwaukee suburbs are almost reder than
    anywhere else outside of South.
  52. 没有同步
    who tracked Wisconsin's growing polarization
    in the four-part series for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  53. 没有同步
    Said the split in 2012.
  54. 没有同步
    That is when effort to recall the Republican governor,
    Scott Walker,
  55. 没有同步
    draw the record partisan turnout
    in the blue cities Milwaukee and Madison.
  56. 没有同步
    as well as in the red suburbs accoss
    around both.
  57. 没有同步
    It is just do devisive! I mean it is all
    about how you feel, how he has governed the state
  58. 没有同步
    over past four or fie years.
    And every piece of evidence tat we have is that
  59. 没有同步
    it is almost right down the middle.
  60. 没有同步
    One example: Republicans give Walker
    95% of approval rating.
  61. 没有同步
    ident ObamaAmong Democrates, Preso
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    It is just a tough situation. Good question. I can't answer that.
  63. 没有同步
    It could determine outcome for years.
  64. 没有同步
    HOw typical is this divide for the rest of the country.
  65. 没有同步
    In 1994, just 20 years ago, carrried