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← Block or report content in Yahoo Answers

Watch this video to learn about how to block and report objectionable content in Yahoo Answers and help us keep Yahoo Answers a safe, enjoyable community.


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  1. Block or report content in Yahoo Answers
  2. At Yahoo we make your daily habits inspiring and entertaining.
  3. Millions of people around the world post content to Yahoo communities every day.
  4. The ability to share with one another and take an active part in the community
  5. is an important part of enjoying your experience using Yahoo Answers.
  6. We're all different, and in communities with many perspectives,
  7. so you may sometimes see things you don't like or don't agree with.
  8. If you come across content you don't like or, if you just don't want to see something,
  9. we provide tools to help you tailor the content you see.
  10. Block
  11. First, move your cursor over the profile picture of the user you've chosen to block, then click Block.
  12. Content from that user will no longer be visible to you.
  13. At times you may see more serious issues that you feel Yahoo needs to review.
  14. These can include things like public adult content, hate speech, threats, harassment, fraud, and harm to minors.
  15. There's a way to let us know about such serious issues.
  16. Click the Report Abuse flag next to the content you want to report.
  17. Select the type of abuse that is most appropriate to the content you're reporting,
  18. and enter details of your report.
  19. Yahoo takes abuse reports seriously.
  20. Once received, we review reports to take appropriate action.
  21. We hope these steps help you continue to enjoy using Yahoo Answers.
  22. Thanks for helping to keep Yahoo a great place to share your thoughts!