Sacred Sexuality, Episode Two: The Secret History of Humanity

Sacred Sexuality, Episode Two: The Secret History of Humanity

Our history is far more incredible than modern science or religion suspect.

Rather than being the descendants of apes or of two divinely created people (and the incest of their children), we are the outcome of a very long and slow spiral cycle — evolution and devolution — whose pattern includes the rise and fall of civilizations faintly remembered in myths and scriptures. Most importantly, in that history we learn the truth about the origin of our suffering, and how it is related to sex.

00:00 - Start
03:48 - The Secret Doctrine
09:36 - Evolution and Dimensions: The Tree of Life
14:03 - Evolution and Human Races
15:44 - The Creator Gods: Elohim, Prajapatis
20:27 - Androgynes of Hyperborea
24:16 - Hermaphrodites of Lemuria
27:20 - The Arrival of Gender: The Division of Sexes
34:57 - The Tree of Knowledge and the Forbidden Fruit
37:40 - The Beginning of Suffering: the Expulsion from Eden
44:12 - Atlantis and the Universal Flood

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We extend our deepest gratitude to the donors who made this video possible. Their sacrifices will help many people find the teachings that alleviate suffering.

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