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    welcome everyone
    so this is the git-buildpackage skillshare BOF
    and im hoping to take some notes here
    im here basically as a facilitator
    i dont plan to tell you exactly what you should do
    what im hoping to do is to learn from everyone here
    and we can all mutually get some practices ??
    maybe to get a sense of the room initally
    so we all know who we are talking to
    who here is currently maintaining a debian package
    ok, and who here is thinking he might want to maintain
    a debian package in the future but is not currently
    maintaining one now
    alright, cool, awesome
    i really glad to have folks who are starting packaging
    one now and are starting thinking how this workflow goes
    ?? this people were just only packaging
    so, of the peopl who are here packaging
    how many people currently use git-buildpackage
    but thats not everyone that currently packages
    so its great that people are thinking about this
    so if people have other packaging schemas that use version control
    that they are currently using and that they are thinking of
    or that are here just to troll us because your system is better
    that is great and i want to hear what works for you and
    other systems and workflows that
    ?? point out analogies of things that work without git-buildpackages
    or other tools that we can share and ??
    so ?? remain me... how many minutes this session is?
    is it a 45 minutes session? do i hear 30?
    I wonder if somebody want to take a crack at explaining
    to people in the room who maybe dont yet use git-buildpackage
    just briefly, if you could just try to do it in 2 sentences
    what git-buildpackage means to you as a packager
    what does it do for you as a maintainer
    what is the thing that... pick a highlight, a short highlight
    anyone want to volunteer to do that? someone that is currently using git-buildpackage
    what does it do for you
    - it ties tags together where either sbuilder or cowbuilder in a logical sense
    - ok, so you have either sbuilder or cowbuilder integration with git-buildpackage
    by the way, this is a path, i dont know if you can see this URL up here
    i dont know how to embigger this part of my screen
    but it is oh... there you go
    anyway, hopefully folks have seen that and you can get it from ??
    I welcome other people to take notes because im going to miss
    so you use sbuilder or cowbuilder with git-tags integration, right?
    yeah, the main value for me is that it utilize??
    not to keep track of files on my own, right?
    I can point tags for upstream for the package i want to build
    ok, so somebody else?
    - it takes care that i dont build packages with uncommited changes
    so take the wrong thing, for example, that can happen
    and that i wanted explicetly
    - ok, great
    - it builds ?? of your original tarballs if you are generating for snapshots
    a repository includes the git understandable trees within your version
    and it just generates ?? for you
    - it cares about the pristine tar handeling for me, it cares about running uscan for me
    - can you explain what pristine tar is people who dont know what it is?
    - well, pristine tar saves a minimal set of data that
    with the content of the git repository plus the delta, you can
    reproduce bitwise orig tarball
    - ok, and the reason we care about that is becauase
    debian, their whole infrastructure is framed around upstream tarballs
    whether thats how upstream distributes their code or not,
    thats the way we think about upstream source code
    so pristine tar says, we get this tarball from somewhere
    and thats exactly how to get that ??
    so how many use uscan integration?
    do you want to expalin how you do uscan integration
    - import-orig, the sub command, has this option --uscan
    - yeah, its already there
    so uscan looks at the debian's watch file and looks for new versions of the
    upstream source code via https or http or whatever
    so just for people that havent maybe look at gbp before
    the way you invoke it these days, you use gbp, thats git build package
    and then you have sub command, this is very similar to git
    where you have a command and then a subcommand
    so there is gbp import-orig that says get upstream tarball and bring it into the repository
    and put it in the repository in the gbp way
    and then we have this other option that says
    it goes automatically and fetches from the network
    and also does the import-orig
    theres some other things that gbp can do besides import-orig
    build packages is another big one, so you say gbp buildpackage
    and it does some of the checks that people where talking about to make sure
    no additional files get mixed in ?? or changes that you werent expecting and got mixed in
    it requires of course than when you are using git for packaging, you are paying attention to
    what you are commited, if you go ahead and blindnly commited everything ??
    - I like to mention the third important
    - alright, this is the longes phrase i have ever heard
    - where you can also import-dsc which import a complete debian source package
    for example, if you take a package from someone else who hasnt use git before for packaging
    you can import his source package and ?? your packaging with it
    you can also import multiple with dscs and that one has a nice option to your snapsshot.d.o
    --debsnap and you get push the package name and it pushes the whole history of that package
    in your fresh to be created repository for packigng
    if i have to take over some legacy package
    - ok, this is exactly why i wanted to take this discussion
    I had no idea ?? which is great
    - they call it RTFM, right?
    - so maybe that was only new to me and everybody already knew it
    this whole sessions is teach dkg sesion. Anything else you want to teach me?
    Anybody want to sum up how gbp works for them, what things does
    Do you want to step in some workflows that maybe look at gbp
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