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Guy Kawasaki: Speak with Salient Points

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    The next thing is to
    use salient points.
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    First column is, how
    we like to talk about
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    stuff if you're in
    the technology.
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    But really, the second
    column is what really counts.
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    Miles per gallon? Not so much!
    Yearly costs, much better.
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    The grease or
    heating costs.
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    What should you set
    your thermostat for?
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    Or a very easy example.
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    Do you talk in terms of
    gigabytes or number of songs?
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    The salient point is number of
    songs, not how many gigabytes.
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    I doubt that most normal people
    wake up in the morning and say,
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    'God, if I only had a 64-gigabyte
    iPod, I would be happy.'
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    You talk about songs,
    how many movies can it hold.
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    Use salient points.
Guy Kawasaki: Speak with Salient Points

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