Empress Wu Zetian - LIES - Extra History

Empress Wu Zetian - LIES - Extra History

� Welcome Extra Historians to our Empress Wu Zetian Lies video! Where we talk about the mistakes we made and the details we couldn't quite squeeze into our Wu Zetian Series. With questions like, Is it really possible to drown someone in a vat of wine? Why aren't there witches in Chinese culture? And what ended up happening to those Gaozong brothers?

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"Women Rulers in Imperial China" - Keith McMahon https://kmcmahon.ku.edu/pdf/Women_Rulers_in_Imperial_China_Nan_Nu_15.2_2013.pdf

"'Chen gui' and Other Works Attributed to Empress Wu Zetian," Denis Twitchett https://www.jstor.org/stable/41649871

"Introduction from the Guest Editor: Women's Work, Virtue and Space: Change from Early to Late Imperial China," Angela Sheng https://www.jstor.org/stable/43151276

"Re-gendering Chinese History: Zhao Mei’s Emperor Wu Zetian," Xianlin Song https://research-repository.uwa.edu.au/en/publications/re-gendering-chinese-history-zhao-meis-emperor-wu-zetian

"Imagining Matriarchy: 'Kingdoms of Women' in Tang China," Jennifer W. Jay https://www.jstor.org/stable/605697

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* Timestamps! *
0:00 - Brought to you by our Patreons!
0:42 - Recommended Reading
1:50 - General Comments
4:25 - Episode 1 Q&A
6:36 - Episode 2 Q&A
9:15 - Episode 3 Q&A
14:26 - Episode 4 Q&A
15:14 - Episode 5 Q&A
18:12 - Coming up on Extra History
18:46 - Context Farie's World Tour

Host/Extra History Writer: Robert Rath - @RobWritesPulp I Video Editor: Devon House Creative I Audio Editor: Clean Waves

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