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Guy Kawasaki: Connection Through Reciprocation

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    Invoke reciprocation
  • 0:05 - 0:11
    This is a carpet that depicts
    the battle between Italy and
  • 0:11 - 0:16
    Ethiopia because Italy invaded
    Ethiopia in the 1930s.
  • 0:16 - 0:19
    When that invasion occurred,
  • 0:20 - 0:23
    the people of Mexico
    donated money and
  • 0:23 - 0:26
    sent it to the
    people of Ethiopia.
  • 0:26 - 0:29
    Something like 80 years later,
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    Mexico had this horrendous
    series of earthquakes,
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    lots of dead people, lots
    of injury, lots of suffering.
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    The people of Ethiopia, even
    though they were in a famine,
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    collected money and sent
    money to Mexico because they
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    felt the necessary
    obligation to reciprocate.
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    Fast forward a few years.
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    About right after the Civil War,
    the people of Charleston, South Carolina,
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    were using bucket
    brigades to fight fires.
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    The people of New York, including
    Union soldiers, heard about this.
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    And they donated money to buy the
    city of Charleston a fire truck.
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    That first fire truck was
    on a boat that sank.
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    So, they had to raise
    money again and send
  • Not Synced
    another fire truck
    to Charleston.
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    Fast forward to
    right after 09/11.
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    The people of Charleston raised
    over half a million dollars to
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    buy a fire truck for the people of
    New York because the people of
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    Charleston pledged that if
    New York ever needed its help,
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    it would come through,
    135 years later.
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    Reciprocation is a
    very powerful force
  • Not Synced
    to make your
    enchantment endure.
Guy Kawasaki: Connection Through Reciprocation

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