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كلمة معمر القذافي بعد قصف منزل الفريق الخويلدي الحميدي

  • 0:01 - 0:02
    *Muammar Gaddafi's speech after the strike on Khueldi al Hamidi's house*
  • 0:02 - 0:09
    ...because it's one of the days of the great battle, the historic battle of fate
  • 0:09 - 0:18
    which was forced on the Libyan people
  • 0:18 - 0:28
    Every day, I don't say the martyrs fall, every day the martyrs bodies rise
  • 0:28 - 0:45
    One after another on the path of freedom and dignity and pride and might
  • 0:45 - 1:09
    28 countries, members of NATO, Christian crusaders, have decided to kill Khueldi el Hamidi and his family at dawn
  • 1:09 - 1:24
    We tell them if Khueldi dies he is a hero and if he lives he is a hero. He's one of the men of the historic revolution, the revolution of the great Fateh [one of Gaddafi's titles]
  • 1:24 - 1:35
    [Fateh] who had the central role on that night, which freed Libya from colonialism, American, British, and Italian
  • 1:35 - 1:41
    and which returned what the Libyans owned to them
  • 1:41 - 1:52
    when it took back the oil from the mouths of the ogres of American and British and Italian companies
  • 1:52 - 1:55
    and returned it to the Libyans
  • 1:55 - 2:12
    and which brought out the water from under the earth to quench Libya's thirst with the Great Man Made River network, the eight wonder of the world
  • 2:12 - 2:28
    which restored dignity to Libyans, who became known in the world, in all the world. All the world knows the Libyans after the Great Fateh's revolution.
  • 2:28 - 2:44
    Before the revolution (Gaddafi's 69 revolution) Libya was forgotten, after it Libyans had dignity and pride and a place in the world because of the revolution.
  • 2:44 - 3:02
    Khueldi el Hamidi was one of the heroes of this revolution and that's why they decided to kill him, as they have tried and continue to try to kill Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of the revolution.
  • 3:02 - 3:14
    They say "we struck a legitimate military target." You barbarians. Conscience of the world
  • 3:14 - 3:39
    The house of Khueldi el Hamidi and the house of his son Khalid, and the house of Najia Belgassim el Hamidi and the house of Mohammad Nouri el Hamidi and the house of Mhemed el Hamidi
  • 3:39 - 4:04
    These houses are legitimate military targets, you barbarians? The devil is ashamed by these lies and this nonsense. The devil would be ashamed and not do this.
  • 4:04 - 4:21
    You struck Khueldi's office four times. On 10/5, 14/5, 5/6 and 6/6, hitting Khueldi's office in Tripoli with rockets.
  • 4:21 - 4:34
    When you found Khueldi hadn't died, you started looking for him. You committed a heinous deliberated crime.
  • 4:34 - 4:55
    Spying until you discovered the area where Khueldi and his family lived, and his son Khaled and his family, and Mhemed Nouri el Hamidi and Mohammad Nouri el Hamidi
  • 4:55 - 5:05
    and you knew these were houses with families and children because you had spied and photographed and made sure
  • 5:05 - 5:14
    that Khueldi lives here, then you followed him and saw where he stayed at night when he returned to his family, to kill him.
  • 5:14 - 5:25
    And you say a target, legitimate military target. What legitimacy? Our houses become legitimate military targets?
  • 5:25 - 5:37
    Is this in the UN resolution or the UN charter? In what law did you find this?
  • 5:37 - 5:46
    That politicians or officials, their houses and their families and their children are military targets
  • 5:46 - 6:10
    The house of the engineer Khaled el Khueldi, who is a civilian, where his wife Safa Ahmed Mahmoud lives and his daughter Khalida and his son Khueldi Khaled.
  • 6:10 - 6:19
    And you know Khueldi lives there in that house, and his wife, and his wife's sister Najia Belgassim and his wife Haja Aisha.
  • 6:19 - 6:33
    And you know these families live in these houses and they have children. Children, infants.
  • 6:33 - 6:43
    Khalida, who was well-named, because she will be "Khalida" (Khalid = eternal) in Libya's history, in Arab history, in the world's history.
  • 6:43 - 6:55
    That a four year old child should be struck by eight rockets, by 28 countries, you criminals. Four years old.
  • 6:55 - 7:07
    The child Khueldi Khalid, 3 years old.
  • 7:07 - 7:18
    The child Salam Mohammad Nouri el Hamidi, 6 years old.
  • 7:18 - 7:24
    This is a legitimate military target?
  • 7:24 - 7:32
    You say our strikes are precise, in front of the world, you criminals, you said, we strike our targets precisely.
  • 7:32 - 7:35
    That means you have precise information about the target.
  • 7:35 - 7:46
    You knew there was a mother, with her two children, asleep in a house, their house, Khaled el Khueldi el Hamidi's house.
  • 7:46 - 7:56
    Where his wife Safa and his daughter Khalida and his son, the children, Khueldi Khaled sleep
  • 7:56 - 8:01
    You knew the houses near them were so-and-so's house and so-and-so's house and so-and-so's house.
  • 8:01 - 8:09
    And you know the number of people in these houses
  • 8:09 - 8:23
    You know that next to Khueldi's house was Isaam Badi's house and you know Issam Badi had his daughter Amna, and his daughter Amina
  • 8:23 - 8:29
    one 8 years old, the other just 2
  • 8:29 - 8:35
    You know this house was Khueldi's guard's house, and that his daughters were there
  • 8:35 - 8:43
  • 8:43 - 8:54
    And you know that there was a family near them, another family, Emad Bujeila Trabulsi's family
  • 8:54 - 9:17
    And you know there was a Sudanese cook and his family who lived with Khueldi, he and his wife
  • 9:17 - 9:27
    Then you know everything and at dawn prayer time, you struck it with rockets.
  • 9:27 - 9:39
    Is this a military base or an arms factory, or a military port or a castle
  • 9:39 - 9:54
    Houses. Yes, a residential area in Sorman, but it was made up of Khueldi's house and his son and his cousins and his guard and his neighbors and the families
  • 9:54 - 10:00
    A popular residential area without any military characteristics.
  • 10:00 - 10:04
    How can you say we struck a legitimate military target? That means you wanted to kill Khueldi
  • 10:04 - 10:10
    Of course we know that, you're looking for Gaddafi and Khueldi, but even if this was so
  • 10:10 - 10:18
    who permitted you to kill Khueldi? With what law?
  • 10:18 - 10:28
    When was it made lawful that politicians or leaders should be killed, assassinated?
  • 10:28 - 10:35
    Armies fight, military efforts are examined, but to go to a person's house
  • 10:35 - 10:45
    with his family and children and strike it with bombs and rockets and say legitimate target. This is legitimacy now?
  • 10:45 - 10:50
    This is a new law, the law of the jungle, the law of the tyrants, the law of the disbelievers.
  • 10:50 - 10:57
    You have no conscience, that's why your law is the law of the jungle.
  • 10:57 - 11:09
    For several months you have been bombing a small country because it is Muslim, because it is developing itself and keeping itself to itself. You don't like it, so you're bombing it.
  • 11:09 - 11:18
    There's no one who can stop you, the Soviet Union isn't there, or you wouldn't make these problems. And there is no conscience.
  • 11:18 - 11:21
    You've turned the world into a jungle.
  • 11:21 - 11:25
    But the situation may be reversed and this law you practice will be turned on you.
  • 11:25 - 11:27
    Your houses will become legitimate targets for us.
  • 11:27 - 11:31
    Your children will be legitimate targets.
  • 11:31 - 11:33
    We will reply to you in kind.
  • 11:33 - 11:40
    Even the Jews, yesterday, were oppressed and you were burning them in Europe and you made the Holocaust
  • 11:40 - 11:46
    now they have nuclear rockets and you are afraid of them. Of Israel.
  • 11:46 - 12:00
    The situation may turn and one day we will be the same, and return what you are doing to you. These laws you've made will be applied to you and the world, with destruction and ruin and terrorism.
  • 12:00 - 12:24
    I want to speak to the Security Council members, other than the three criminals, the other 12. You have to send investigators to Khueldi's house from the UN to see whether this house is a legitimate military target. Is his kitchen a military target?
  • 12:24 - 12:34
    Is the living room of his house a military target? Is the garden? Is the mosque built near his house, the mosque Khueldi built, a military target?
  • 12:34 - 12:41
    For you of course, the mosque is a military target, because you are waging war against Muslims, the second crusade.
  • 12:41 - 12:49
    Which might intensify and the fire will spread from Africa and Asia and Europe and America again. You will be responsible.
  • 12:49 - 13:01
    The Mediterranean will burn and Europe will burn. At some point we might have the power to take the war to Europe, and you will regret it.
  • 13:01 - 13:14
    Is Khueldi's bedroom a military target? I will ask the UN to send investigators to Khueldi's house to tell me what the military target in that house is.
  • 13:14 - 13:25
    The kitchen or the living room or the bedroom or the toilet? Is the toilet a military target?
  • 13:25 - 13:39
    Khaled Khueldi's house, where his wife and his two children were, Khalida and Khueldi, they have to investigate it. Is that a legitimate target?
  • 13:39 - 13:44
    Is the guard's house and his children a legitimate military target?
  • 13:44 - 14:07
    Is the Sudanese cook's house and his Moroccan wife legitimate targets? You killed a Sudanese and a Moroccan along with the guard and his children.
  • 14:07 - 14:25
    Even if, even if Khueldi was an enemy to you, you don't have the right to assassinate him. Who gave you that right?
  • 14:25 - 14:40
    You hit his office. Even that, you had no right to do. An office has secretaries, men and women, and visitors and cleaning staff and officials.
  • 14:40 - 14:49
    How can you strike the office 4 times? They said, the infrastructure of control
  • 14:49 - 15:06
    You know, world, people and parliaments of the world, and UN, if there are united nations, what is this control infrastructure, those who lie to their people and say we hit the control infrastructure?
  • 15:06 - 15:11
    Khueldi's house is the control infrastructure? Even if Khueldi was responsible for the control infrastructure, what is the control infrastructure?
  • 15:11 - 15:25
    The monetary military accounts. Imagine, our control means are the monetary accounts, which the monthly wages come from.
  • 15:25 - 15:35
    This is the control infrastructure. As well as check points, and military police.
  • 15:35 - 15:50
    Are the military police and the military accounts and check points such strategic targets that the office of these things should be hit 4 times?
  • 15:50 - 16:03
    Even this you have no right to do. This is an office. Civilian people work there as well as military, and most are civilians.
  • 16:03 - 16:12
    You hit the office, and you said control infrastructure, then you went to find where the man lived to kill him?
  • 16:12 - 16:24
    Yesterday's crime wasn't enough for you, when you killed the Garari family in Soug el Juma?
  • 16:24 - 16:30
    And the Shehab Syrian family, in its entirety?
  • 16:30 - 16:45
    A Syrian child, 1 year old, and another Syrian child 3 years old, and their father. As well as the Garari family.
  • 16:45 - 16:56
    Is this a military target? The Garari house, an ordinary civilian, he hadn't even finished building his house. He lived on the first floor and hadn't finished the second.
  • 16:56 - 17:02
    Is this a legitimate military target? Answer, you tyrants.
  • 17:02 - 17:13
    The Syrian Shehab family, with a 1 y/o and 3y/o children, is that a legitimate military target in Soug el Juma?
  • 17:13 - 17:25
    Where are you, America, permanent member of the Security Council, responsible for world order, where the UN HQ is?
  • 17:25 - 17:34
    Where are you, Obama, who is Muslim, an African, whose origin is Arab? You sell all these values for the US presidency?
  • 17:34 - 17:45
    You will see on judgement day you will all be in hell fire. Our dead are in paradise and your dead are in hell.
  • 17:45 - 17:51
    The whole world, after the Soug el Juma massacre, thought you would be ashamed and withdraw
  • 17:51 - 17:59
    Or the Security Council would hold an emergency meeting and order these tyrants to leave.
  • 17:59 - 18:07
    Or if the Security Council fails, the UN would hold an emergency meeting and stop this barbaric attack.
  • 18:07 - 18:12
    They were not ashamed, because they have no shame, and they have no one to be afraid of.
  • 18:12 - 18:26
    They said let's kill Khueldi and his family. Kill his family, and his son's family, and his sister's family.
  • 18:26 - 18:27
    You have no shame?
  • 18:27 - 18:37
    Hajja Najia Belgassin el Hamidi, you killed her too. You are proud of this, you cowards?
  • 18:37 - 18:52
    And then to Mhemed Nouri el Hamidi's family, and kill them too. These heroic pilots, bombing houses
  • 18:52 - 19:03
    with families and children, with no anti-aircraft weapons. You know there's no anti-aircraft defense anymore in Libya
  • 19:03 - 19:05
    because you hit them from the sea.
  • 19:05 - 19:14
    We have no rockets to reach you, that can cross continent, you do and hit all the planes and all our defences from the sea
  • 19:14 - 19:20
    Now you play in Libya's skies without anything stopping you
  • 19:20 - 19:26
    You can't go on the ground because of our defenses, and in the sky no rockets can reach you because you
  • 19:26 - 19:33
    destroyed the rockets and radars before you went into the skies
  • 19:33 - 19:48
    Then you started recording your silly heroics, evidence that you are cowardly nations, cheap nations, nations with no conscience or morals or humanity.
  • 19:48 - 20:00
    Who still listens to your talk? To your pontification about democracy or human rights? You annihilate the human.
  • 20:00 - 20:08
    Or equality, or justice? You hate us because we are Muslim. You hate us because Libya's law is the Quran.
  • 20:08 - 20:12
    After the adhan says "I bear witness that Mohamed is God's prophet" you drop the bombs.
  • 20:12 - 20:16
    You hate the phrase "Mohamed is God's prophet"
  • 20:16 - 20:27
    You disbelievers, you are disbelievers, and we will remain steadfast, and we want the battle to continue until judgement day.
  • 20:27 - 20:34
    Until you are finished, and we won't be finished.
  • 20:34 - 20:36
    There is no agreement between us and you, at all.
  • 20:36 - 20:38
    After you killed our children and grandchildren while they were sleeping at home
  • 20:38 - 20:46
    we want nothing, we don't want life, we want death.
  • 20:46 - 20:50
    It's better for us than to live with you here, and your planes over our heads
  • 20:50 - 20:59
    We all want to be martyred. We wish we could provoke you until you hit us with nuclear weapons so we can be finished.
  • 20:59 - 21:06
    We are not afraid, we are not looking for life or escape
  • 21:06 - 21:12
    We are standing with our backs against the wall. You know those with their back to the wall, they have nothing to lose.
  • 21:12 - 21:20
    You're the ones with no wall behind you, you can return, go back, have some shame.
  • 21:20 - 21:28
    As for us, since the wall is at our back, we no longer have anyhere to go.
  • 21:28 - 21:37
    Carry on dropping the bombs on us, from every factory, as the poet said. Carry on dropping the bombs.
  • 21:37 - 21:44
    Why not? You are cowards, and you have the power and no deterrence and you fear no one
  • 21:44 - 21:47
    You're not afraid of God, you have no conscience or religion.
  • 21:47 - 21:53
    This is not Jesus's behavior. Jesus didn't say this. Jesus said, if someone hits you on the right cheek, offer the left.
  • 21:53 - 22:00
    And if someone fights you for part of a robe give him all of it, and if someone goes one step in your direction, go a mile in his.
  • 22:00 - 22:07
    That's what Jesus said, you're not his followers, he is innocent of you, you disbelievers.
  • 22:07 - 22:15
    The fault lies with today's Muslims, who have not waged war from Indonesia to Dar el Baida.
  • 22:15 - 22:21
    If there was a noble Azhar, the sheikh would come out and declare war against the crusaders.
  • 22:21 - 22:27
    The custodian of Mecca should declare holy war against the Christians.
  • 22:27 - 22:40
    28 Christian crusader countries attacking a Muslim country called Libya.
  • 22:40 - 22:52
    But when you look a t the map, from Pakistan to Afghanistan to Iraq to Libya, that's the line of Islam, and the bombing is on that line, on the green line
  • 22:52 - 22:55
    This is a crusader war.
  • 22:55 - 22:59
    But the nation might wake up. A battle for God's sake is better than a hundred visits to Mecca.
  • 22:59 - 23:09
    Stand with Libya, with Libya's children. Our men don't need you, even our women don't need you, Our women are armed.
  • 23:09 - 23:18
    Brigades of Libyan women graduate every day ready to fight. We don't need you, either as men or women
  • 23:18 - 23:25
    But you should stand with Libyan children, the sleeping children who are killed every day with rockets
  • 23:25 - 23:35
    I have sworn to build a monument for Khalida, so she can truly be eternal, the biggest monument in North Africa will be built for her.
  • 23:35 - 23:37
    And for Saif el Arab
  • 23:37 - 23:47
    This is an honor for Khueldi's family, and for his tribe and for the free officers, and for the Fateh's revolution.
  • 23:47 - 23:53
    Khueldi is a hero. Or why would you chase him from his office to his house?
  • 23:53 - 23:56
    You know his importance
  • 23:56 - 24:14
    But plots turn on the plotter.We are steadfast and not afraid or shaking or surrendering or peaceful, at all.
  • 24:14 - 24:19
    As I told we are standing against the wall. If someone is standing with his back to the wall you can't
  • 24:19 - 24:22
    make him retreat, he has nowhere to go.
  • 24:22 - 24:36
    Carry on bombing. A year, two, three, ten, a hundred, from 1911 to 2011, why not?
  • 24:36 - 24:40
    The honor goes to Khueldi el Hamidi's family
  • 24:40 - 24:42
    One of the heroes of the Great Fateh's revolution
  • 24:42 -
    Greatness is ours, eternity is for our martyrs
كلمة معمر القذافي بعد قصف منزل الفريق الخويلدي الحميدي

كلمة العقيد معمر القذافي بنتاريخ 22 / 6 / 2011 م بعد قصف الناتو لمنزل الفريق / الخويلدي الحميدي

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