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品種改良から始まるタマネギ物語 | Daisaku Okamoto | TEDxHokkaidoU

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品種改良から始まるタマネギ物語 | Daisaku Okamoto | TEDxHokkaidoU


Okamoto Daisaku was born in Hiroshima City in 1964. He graduated from Department of Agricultural Chemistry, Hokkaido University in 1991, and completed his graduate studies at Danish Institute of Plant and Soil Science (now University of Aarhus, Denmark).
After working at a lab of a nursery company, he founded Plant Thremmatology Research Institute in 2000. In 2005 he earned his PhD in Agriculture at Hokkaido University. He also lectured at Hokkaido University and Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Innovation Management.
He is now the CEO of Plant Thremmatology Research Institute.
“Each year on our research farm in Kuriyama Town, Hokkaido, we cultivate, crossbreed and harvest more than 600 kinds of onions to develop new species.
We aim to cultivate onions that are new to consumers. For example, we have created onions named "Sarasara Red" and "Sarasara Gold" which are rich in health components along with tear-free and non-spicy onions named “Smile Ball.”
“We adopt a vertical integration strategy in conjunction with regional branding through the phases of cultivation, distribution, processing and sales and hope to build a price structure where we could decide the prices of agricultural products by ourselves.”

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