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Signs for a Good Education

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    0:16room what does that mean
    0:20yeah the def
    0:23she's very good in taking him defend language
    0:28it's very important to have because she can now be communicating
    0:32to other people while she was at the whole there was no sane and we've been
    0:37i win
    0:45through everyday Europcar
    0:49school yes the six-year-old are so happy to finally be able to express themselves
    0:57and communicate with others
    0:58it is only by learning sign language that deaf children can
    1:02fully communicate today deaf children and young people worldwide are too often
    1:07denied their right to education
    1:09this is because of a lack of teachers well trained in sign language
    1:14and a lack of awareness by parents that their children can
    1:18and have a right to go to school on same language
    1:23ease mandatory you these deaf people at Winterland
    1:27we don't if they cannot so it is a mother language
    1:31that he helped them to communicate with other so without these it demeans the
    1:36communication will be a 20
    1:37it without communication then you cannot in but few here
    1:41which a man about the europeans talkin
    1:44to if Africa why europeans came
    1:48to Kenya Lucy okie you can see
    1:55get lot another one they came
    2:00to traded that's right a hot
    2:04another one the economic
    2:08this on is a similar to the
    2:11place well by the team tutsi
    2:14okay unless that when it's possible
    2:19for the Deaf to learn anything but what should happen is that they should how
    2:24people all can communicate with them
    2:28veteran people can use Sen language
    2:31people who understand the lead the in the act
    2:35you look at the office how the a communicating them only
    2:39me the two just come here and they teach her and Amanda
    2:45and it is very important that we have
    2:49landing opportunities so that they also doing the at the citizens
    2:53enid cut he adds that will make them stand
    2:56on your own making them independent it will support
    3:00at the own families I would wish to become a teacher
    3:08morning children nice coons I would like to become
    3:12a marxist I would like to wish to become a doctor
    3:18all a lawyer majority will be other qualities
    3:22when ninety percent the actin have no support
    3:26for the deaf people for example myself I E
    3:29what I struggled that hides to get accounting
    3:32had passed where in mathematics but there was no college which was accepting
    3:36so even go to invest in
    3:40that the snow interpreter I do for a pass on
    3:44who can help me to interpret are because
    3:51it is hard for meet for this something which is up in both
    3:55and interpret all that but they didn't do something that would hun class
    4:02we don't have an interpreter but
    4:08alone together with other so I seats the possum
    4:11and win the election a insulating some noise
    4:15her teaching always copy from my
    4:19Fred you've
    4:23I have a question I let it down a busted to these bus on
    4:27who is hitting in
    4:30will ask director to explain up
    4:35course said the
    5:03being tonight the human right to education and family which has long term
    5:08adaptogen do not develop the ability to communicate
    5:11their unable to learn and get jobs and isolated within their communities
Signs for a Good Education

(Sydney, October 18, 2013) -- Deaf children have a right to a quality education, like all other children, in a language and environment that maximizes their potential. In this video, in conjunction with a global conference in Sydney on equality for deaf people, Human Rights Watch shows some of the challenges faced by deaf children and young people, and the opportunities sign language education offers them.

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