Slings vs Lanyards vs Personal Anchors - Differences, Usages & Safety Musts | Ep.3

Slings vs Lanyards vs Personal Anchors - Differences, Usages & Safety Musts | Ep.3

Detailed Class on Slings, Lanyards & Personal Anchors (PAS). Learn how to properly Choose & Use them & Avoid Dangers that arise from misusing soft Climbing equipment.

00:00 Intro
00:51 Slings - What can you do with Slings?
02:07 Slings - Dyneema & Static equipment Risks
05:42 Slings - Polyester & Nylon
06:45 Slings - Length 60cm, 120cm
07:23 Slings - Thickness
07:53 Slings - How easy it is to CUT a Sling?
09:41 Slings - Can a Rope CUT a Sling?
12:23 Slings - Can you tie a Knot in a Sling?
14:21 Slings - Old Slings can Loose A LOT of Strength!
15:53 Tethers - Using Sling as a Tether
16:50 Tethers - Daisy Chains - demo how they FAIL
18:40 Tethers - Personal Anchor Systems (PAS)
19:35 Tethers - Clove Hitch
20:44 Tethers - Adjustable Dynamic Lanyards
21:56 Tethers - KONG Slyde
22:42 Tethers - What tether to choose?
23:39 Tethers - Lanyards for Via Ferratas
24:06 Tethers - How to correctly attach your Tether?

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� Additional resources: How to best connect a tether to your harness?

Mammut magic sling

DMM breaking slings:

Black Diamond about daisy chains

Fall comparison with rigid/human mass:

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