20 Texting Acronyms and Abbreviations in English You ABSOLUTELY Have to Know

20 Texting Acronyms and Abbreviations in English You ABSOLUTELY Have to Know

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In this video, I'll teach you 20 internet abbreviations that native speakers use all the time. You'll learn how to use them while texting correctly, and I'll show you my messaging thread with one of my American friends.

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0:00 wth = what the hell
1:58 ppl = people
2:25 u/ur = you/your
3:14 nvm = never mind
3:44 nah/yeah/yep = no/yes
4:12 lol = laughing out loud
5:09 lmao = laughing my ass off
5:31 jk = just kidding
6:31 kk = okay
7:18 np = no problem
7:45 bc/cuz = because
8:10 idk = I don't know
8:30 imho = in my humble opinion
9:02 lmk = let me know
9:28 ttyl = talk to you later

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