How to lead discussions, panels, conferences in more than one language - A. Medjedovic | PGO 2021

How to lead discussions, panels, conferences in more than one language - A. Medjedovic | PGO 2021

Moderate the Moderator – How to lead discussions, panels/whole conferences in more than one language

Each good event, conference or discussion needs a good moderator – that’s an international rule. But how does the moderator perform his tasks in more than one language?
The world of moderating becomes even more interesting if you add languages. Moderating an event, leading through a discussion in several languages can be quite a challenge that requires broad experience and sharp skills.
The speaker is an experienced moderator who is frequently engaged at international events and conferences and he will share his experiences on:
- How to become to a moderator or how to find our if you a “natural born” one.
- How to get assignments and get into more and more duties.
- How to organize the tasks and duties of a moderator?
- How to prepare moderations and how to perform?
- How to moderate in different languages and how to evolve with the task.
- From small discussions to whole international events: scaling moderations.
The speaker is one of the not too many moderators able to moderate in 6 languages simultaneously and to play with languages during the whole thing. And the best thing is: this is not his job – he does is purely as a hobby. Don’t miss this opportunity to ‘bring out the moderator in you!

Born in Germany and educated in Germany and France, Aleksandar Medjedovic is an Economist of Yugoslavian origin. He has been living in Turkey for the last 22 years and works as a Consultant for Financial Institutions, Foreign Investments, Business Development and Media Issues. He keeps close personal and professional links to all countries that resulted from Yugoslavia, but also to Germany, and puts those links into his own global context whenever possible. His mother tongues are German and BCS (Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian). He also speaks English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Russian and a few more.

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