Lecture Disneys Golden Era

Lecture Disneys Golden Era

In this lecture, we’ll explore the biography and impact of Walt Disney. His transformation of the tale from the popularity of the Grimms and it’s furthering of the moralizing of the Perrault circle. Before Disney, we’ll examine the growing popularity of fairy tales as a form of mass entertainment and influence, then peer into the first animated tales and the innovative techniques Disney applied to overwhelm audiences. The form of the fairy tales that we know we own in large part to Walt Disney and their popularization, and in this way, they have become a basic common background upon which new values could be performed for audiences (first with the Grimms and then with Disney). We’ll track the transformation from socially responsible, communal tales to those that support authoritarian, patriarchal schemas and the growing manufacture of the cult of personality through its new medium: film.

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