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Aayush Sharma On The Box Office Pressures Of Working With Salman Khan | Antim: The Final Truth

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    4-5 months later, Salman bhai said you know I am going to play the cop. And I said but you
  • 0:05 - 0:09
    are playing a cop in Dabangg and Radhe, its going to be the third film that you will be
  • 0:09 - 0:14
    playing a cop. He was like no but I like the organic reality of this film. I think that this is
  • 0:14 - 0:16
    going to have a different view to it
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    All actors always want that phantom shot. Who doesn’t want the slow motion right?
  • 0:22 - 0:26
    Everybody wants to one day see themselves do that phantom shot
  • 0:26 - 0:31
    A big superstar should always try something new because they are always repeating
  • 0:31 - 0:34
    themselves but when they want to try something new then
  • 0:34 - 0:36
    there is also a box office pressure that binds them
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    But your last film didn’t make 100 crores so that means it wasn’t a hit. But actually, the thing
  • 0:41 - 0:47
    is the film is already made in a budget that it is also recovered its money so we are not risking anything
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    Hi guys this is Himesh and welcome to Pinkvilla. Today we have with us Aayush Sharma
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    who is all gearing up for Antim which is releasing on November 26.
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    Welcome to Pinkvilla Aayush, its lovely having you here.
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    Thank you so much brother. Its amazing to be with you and on Pinkvilla
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    Thank you
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    Aayush my first question to you is you have been involved in Antim right from the time, I
  • 1:06 - 1:09
    think it has been three years. Could you tell us about the journey?
  • 1:09 - 1:14
    I think in November we first time saw Mulshi Pattern and by December we had decided that
  • 1:14 - 1:20
    we are going to make this film. From January onwards I started training for it like you know.
  • 1:20 - 1:23
    At that point in time, I didn’t really know that Salman bhai is going to be a part of it. I just
  • 1:23 - 1:26
    knew that I am playing this character Rahulya and the rest of the casting is going to take time,
  • 1:26 - 1:30
    it’s going to happen soon. So, my first thing when I figured out that I am doing this character
  • 1:30 - 1:34
    was like I want to really present myself in a new light. I really want to go out there and
  • 1:35 - 1:39
    change the way my physical appearance is, through my voice, through my performance to
  • 1:39 - 1:45
    have that kind of a graph that this character demands. At that point in time, I remember I
  • 1:45 - 1:50
    thought this was going to be like 7-8 months and we will be able to do my transformation but
  • 1:50 - 1:56
    it was much difficult to actually put on that weight you know. It was like almost going in a 1
  • 1:56 - 2:03
    kilo per month. So, I think in March I got in touch with Tiger, Tiger Shroff I called him up
  • 2:03 - 2:09
    and I said, brother you know I really want to transform and do this film and this action film
  • 2:09 - 2:14
    and I think you can really guide me in how to go about it. So he told me that you know why
  • 2:14 - 2:18
    don’t you have my trainer? So, I go this trainer on board and the first thing that trainer told
  • 2:18 - 2:22
    me that is sir I don’t think I can do it in 3-4 months. I mean like no, but why can’t we do it in
  • 2:22 - 2:29
    3-4 months? I am not out of shape; I am much leaner. He said no, the kind of action you are
  • 2:29 - 2:33
    looking for, the kind of stuff you are looking for it will give us. It will take minimum one
  • 2:33 - 2:39
    year. It will be a gradual thing. You will need to first start training like an athlete. I want you
  • 2:39 - 2:44
    to be strong in real life to look strong on camera and so it will take time. You will have to lift,
  • 2:45 - 2:49
    eat and you will have to really, really dedicate your life into this to actually do that. So, first
  • 2:49 - 2:53
    thing I went and Salman bhai that its going to take some time, its not going to be as simple
  • 2:53 - 2:57
    and he said, don’t worry. Do it at your pace. Don’t do it in the pressure that you have to start
  • 2:57 - 3:03
    this film this year. We started that journey and then I think about 4-5 months later, Salman
  • 3:03 - 3:07
    bhai said you know I am going to play the cop. And I said but you are playing a cop in
  • 3:07 - 3:10
    Dabangg and Radhe, its going to be the third film that you will be playing a cop. He was like
  • 3:10 - 3:17
    no but I like the organic reality of this film. I think that this is going to have a different view
  • 3:17 - 3:22
    to it. Its not that typical cop who is going to be like you know completely out there. This film
  • 3:22 - 3:27
    has a little bit of darkness to it and I really want to be part of it. I genuinely believe that it’s
  • 3:27 - 3:33
    going to be good for you and I was very happy. Every actor it’s a dream to be on a poster
  • 3:33 - 3:37
    with him. I mean come on who doesn’t want to be on poster on with him? But obviously I
  • 3:37 - 3:43
    knew that it is, I am up for a huge task because to even be worth of being on a frame it is not
  • 3:43 - 3:48
    only a matter of physical transformation, it is not only a matter about trying to look, be or feel
  • 3:48 - 3:53
    muscular. It had to be completely distinct you know my character had to be a worthy
  • 3:53 - 3:58
    opponent to him so I think that took its own course. About a year and a half, we were just
  • 3:58 - 4:03
    training and just working on this character and finally I think when Mahesh sir officially
  • 4:03 - 4:06
    came on board and he started writing the film in the way that
  • 4:06 - 4:10
    he saw the film that really helped in shaping up what happened.
  • 4:11 - 4:14
    And you know the film was initially titled Guns of North and I believe you were planning to
  • 4:14 - 4:18
    set it up in the northern belt. How did that change happen
  • 4:18 - 4:20
    after and how did the Sikh cop came into picture?
  • 4:20 - 4:24
    So basically, when we were working for this film, you know we thought we can you know
  • 4:24 - 4:30
    the situation back drop of where that story starts from is actually, we can set up in north. At
  • 4:30 - 4:33
    the same situation, same things have happened there as well so we thought we might be able
  • 4:33 - 4:38
    to set up north but eventually when we started going through the multiple drafts that we were
  • 4:38 - 4:44
    writing we were not, I was not sure that we have the right approach to the film because it
  • 4:44 - 4:47
    almost felt like we are having a very top angle view to this problem.
  • 4:50 - 4:56
    We had a very top angle view of this gangster and this whole world and how you know
  • 4:57 - 5:01
    people come from this village and become gangsters in the city. I think I felt that it is very top
  • 5:01 - 5:06
    angle view so did Salman bhai. He also felt that you know just to scale up the film it might
  • 5:06 - 5:12
    actually lose the essence of what we really want to tell. A story we want to and then we
  • 5:12 - 5:18
    decided we really got Mahesh sir back and we said we really want it to be a rooted film. A
  • 5:18 - 5:25
    film that has real character, it should feel like a real film. We don’t need a glossy film on this.
  • 5:25 - 5:30
    This story doesn’t really have that kind of a backdrop that you can have choppers and this
  • 5:30 - 5:36
    luxurious cars and this and that. Like my character in the film, he is not, he is the gangster of
  • 5:36 - 5:41
    Pune. But he is not some lavish gangster sitting who has this massive houses and he has
  • 5:42 - 5:43
    Not as flamboyant as we have seen
  • 5:44 - 5:49
    Yeah, yeah. He is a very real space of a gangster so that’s why we moved the film back and
  • 5:49 - 5:55
    we said that lets go to Antim. Let’s make the film we intended to make not go towards
  • 5:56 - 5:59
    And you know you said that you know when the film was conceptualised you were not
  • 5:59 - 6:03
    aware, actually no one was aware that to who is going to play the cop. And for first 4-5
  • 6:03 - 6:07
    months when you were training what were the discussions like because you know in the
  • 6:07 - 6:13
    original film if we look at Mulshi Pattern it’s a very pivotal character but not as long in terms
  • 6:13 - 6:16
    of length. So, what were the discussion like and how did
  • 6:16 - 6:19
    that character evolved since you were involved in the journey right from the first day?
  • 6:20 - 6:26
    See, when we as you rightly said in the original film cops character was actually like 25-30
  • 6:26 - 6:32
    minutes of the film but there is a very, we felt that the climax when he says it was a very
  • 6:32 - 6:38
    important scene if you think about it. When he says, what village are you from? He says
  • 6:38 - 6:45
    Mulshi. That point we felt was a very, very strong point. We felt that is a very strong point
  • 6:45 - 6:48
    then you know otherwise you are thinking there is a cop who us just doing his job, trying to
  • 6:48 - 6:54
    go after a gangster. We felt that this is a very interesting thought to say that there are two
  • 6:54 - 7:00
    people who had the same back story, who actually know they both know each other’s back
  • 7:00 - 7:08
    story very well but on one side there is a cop who has been wronged but he chose to be a cop.
  • 7:09 - 7:16
    And there is one person who chose to be gangster so there’s a flip side to both the characters
  • 7:16 - 7:22
    and both of them had the choice so what Mahesh sir genuinely felt was the story also has the
  • 7:22 - 7:27
    option to give a message out to people that at any given point of time even though you are
  • 7:27 - 7:31
    wrong you still have an option of what path to choose and that’s something that we wanted to
  • 7:31 - 7:36
    project so that’s why we increased the role and we also felt that there has to be a certain
  • 7:36 - 7:43
    person who is the catalyst behind the journey. You know we need somebody who is making
  • 7:43 - 7:48
    sure this journey is manoeuvring the way you know the ups and the downs of the character
  • 7:48 - 7:53
    happen that’s what something we felt and that’s the reason why we increased the element.
  • 7:53 - 7:59
    We increased him very much pertaining to Hindi cinema, we involved him a little bit more,
  • 7:59 - 8:04
    we increased the run time, we gave him a little but of more cinematic treatment to obviously
  • 8:04 - 8:11
    cater to his fans and the film story and make sure that he is still not away from the film. You
  • 8:11 - 8:15
    know it should not be that he is a sperate entity of the film, he is very much also a character
  • 8:15 - 8:21
    in the film like we all are just characters you know that’s how everybody is intertwined with each other.
  • 8:21 - 8:26
    And Aayush you know like you said you transformed for this role. How easy or difficult was
  • 8:26 - 8:29
    that transformation journey like and also because you know
  • 8:29 - 8:32
    in between the pandemic struck us in which delayed the process?
  • 8:33 - 8:38
    Well I think the most difficult thing was the eating. I had to eat a lot. I had to constantly keep
  • 8:38 - 8:43
    feeding myself and that was the most irritating thing. I remember when I was going on a
  • 8:43 - 8:47
    vacation or something I had to go and choose hotels which had certain kind of a gym for me
  • 8:47 - 8:54
    to go to and you know meals booked in advance and eat that. So I think the most difficult part
  • 8:54 - 8:59
    about the transformation was more than anything was just eating, training everyday like there
  • 8:59 - 9:04
    were no of off days so it used to be training every day and then there used to be
  • 9:04 - 9:08
    physiotherapy in the night and there used to be ice bath in the night just to make sure we
  • 9:09 - 9:14
    don’t get injured, to make sure that, there used to be constant process. It was almost like how
  • 9:14 - 9:18
    athletes’ train. And then by the end of it got to me you know
  • 9:19 - 9:25
    And you know talking about the delay due to pandemic, did that ever bother you because you
  • 9:25 - 9:30
    even at the trailer launch Salman sir said that Aayush used to be, when will we start? And
  • 9:30 - 9:32
    you lost patience that one point of time
  • 9:32 - 9:38
    So its but natural because my first film came out in 2018 and I had decided to do this film in
  • 9:38 - 9:45
    beginning of 2019. Now you are like prepping for it, there’s been delays and I have to still
  • 9:45 - 9:49
    work on myself and there is certain amount of days so 2019 is gone in that and then there is
  • 9:49 - 9:54
    2020 that starts and you are okay now, we are three months away. Now we have like one year
  • 9:54 - 9:59
    okay so as an actor sometimes you feel like I debuted in 2018 now if I don’t have a release in
  • 9:59 - 10:03
    2019 then it looks like that there is nothing happening you know those thoughts come to your
  • 10:03 - 10:11
    head. You get like but I had taken up something as Antim which was quite bigger than what I
  • 10:11 - 10:16
    could chew and that needed that kind of effort and that patience to make sure that it happens
  • 10:16 - 10:23
    in the right way so finally when it was about to start in 2020 then the pandemic happened and
  • 10:23 - 10:33
    just you are like that’s work more towards, the three year period by the end of it just felt like I
  • 10:33 - 10:37
    hope by the time this film releases I hope I don’t have to come back and introduce myself to
  • 10:37 - 10:41
    people that you know that I had to, I hope the wait was worth it
  • 10:41 - 10:44
    you know that to wait for something like Antim was worth it
  • 10:44 - 10:51
    And you know talking about Loveyatri and the journey since then what made you decide to
  • 10:51 - 10:55
    you know step away from lighter space, the rom com space and you know switch to
  • 10:55 - 10:59
    something as intense as Antim? And what were the offers that
  • 10:59 - 11:00
    were coming your way in between that?
  • 11:01 - 11:09
    See my first reaction after the feedback I got to me after Loveyatri I always wanted to make
  • 11:09 - 11:14
    sure that I do something else in my next film. Obviously, some offers were coming again that
  • 11:14 - 11:19
    I was a boy next door, falling in love with a girl and the songs and the story and how all these
  • 11:19 - 11:25
    things go by but I genuinely didn’t feel convinced that I want to comeback, to another
  • 11:25 - 11:31
    romantic comedy you know I think that was the first film. I really wanted to shift gears in the
  • 11:31 - 11:37
    second film. I genuinely feel that you know right now its too early in my career to box myself
  • 11:37 - 11:41
    in one zone and say this is who I am and this is what I am going to always do. I believe there
  • 11:41 - 11:46
    is I have time, I have the energy, I am young to keep manoeuvring, keep changing myself to
  • 11:46 - 11:50
    do something else and you know if something excites you, why not? And action has always
  • 11:50 - 11:56
    been one of my favourite genres you know. Let’s be honest all actors always want that
  • 11:56 - 12:01
    phantom shot. Who doesn’t want the slow motion right? Everybody wants to one day see
  • 12:01 - 12:07
    themselves do that phantom shot and I still remember that when finally, the teaser, the first
  • 12:07 - 12:10
    look of Antim came out and I am running Salman bhai asked me what do you think of it?
  • 12:10 - 12:15
    You think it’s works? I said I don’t know I am just happy that it’s a phantom shot. I am just
  • 12:15 - 12:19
    happy that this whole action thing is coming out, I am just happy with that because that’s like
  • 12:20 - 12:28
    a dream come true for every actor to have a phantom shot so I just felt that if I really need to
  • 12:28 - 12:33
    make an impact, I need to throw myself at a different ship altogether you know. In my first
  • 12:33 - 12:39
    film I tried to be this romantic, sweet character and my second film because that’s what the
  • 12:39 - 12:44
    challenge was first thing that many people told me that you are too cute looking for being a
  • 12:44 - 12:51
    gangster. But I said that’s the challenge. This is something that we have here that you look
  • 12:51 - 12:56
    like this so you can’t do this but if you go to see films in Hollywood people, they change
  • 12:56 - 13:01
    according to films. It’s not about how you look. You change, you put on weight, you lose
  • 13:01 - 13:06
    weight. If Christian Bale can put on so much of muscles and then lose it so can I
  • 13:06 - 13:10
    And Aayush you know this is your second film so there might not be much of box office
  • 13:10 - 13:14
    pressure on you but you know with Salman Khan’s involvement there is a certain number
  • 13:14 - 13:19
    that everyone expects, what sort of discussions are there on that front between you and him
  • 13:19 - 13:23
    because you know whenever his films come its like 100 crores in three days and then what
  • 13:23 - 13:26
    next, we will see. So what are the discussions around that?
  • 13:26 - 13:31
    See I think when we started the idea of Antim was actually to attempt something different for
  • 13:31 - 13:37
    me and for him as well you know I think last couple of films that he has done it is the first
  • 13:37 - 13:40
    time that there is no female protagonist for him, there is no song where he is romancing
  • 13:40 - 13:44
    anybody or there is something like that. We are doing something different this time so we
  • 13:44 - 13:47
    were mentally prepared that we are actually signing up for something which is going to be
  • 13:47 - 13:53
    different either and this is a honest conversation. Either it is loved because it’s a dark film if
  • 13:53 - 13:57
    it’s not loved it might not get loved, its fine. But even he wanted to attempt it, even I wanted
  • 13:57 - 14:02
    to attempt it and I feel that at this point in time I genuinely don’t have as you rightly said I
  • 14:02 - 14:07
    don’t have the box office pressure but his name is expecting something. People are expecting
  • 14:07 - 14:14
    those things but I think it is all about experimenting. Sometimes I genuinely feel that we
  • 14:14 - 14:20
    always speaking on his behalf that a big superstar should always try something new because
  • 14:20 - 14:25
    they are always repeating themselves but when they want to try something new then there is
  • 14:25 - 14:27
    also a box office pressure that binds them
  • 14:27 - 14:32
    But your last film didn’t make 100 crores so that means it wasn’t a hit. But actually, the thing
  • 14:32 - 14:38
    is the film is already made in a budget that it is also recovered its money so we are not risking
  • 14:38 - 14:44
    anything out here but that image of 100 crore but that also boxes you into that small thing that
  • 14:44 - 14:48
    100 crores if you want to keep playing in that club you might have to repeat yourself all the time.
  • 14:49 - 14:51
    So there are no pressures in that front?
  • 14:51 - 14:55
    No, I think we are very content with the fact that we are trying to tell something. This is a
  • 14:55 - 15:01
    different film for both of us that’s why you know we feel that I just feel that this film has, this
  • 15:01 - 15:08
    film will see its own destiny and I think there will be people when we went into the whole
  • 15:08 - 15:12
    sequences there were times when we would say that you know Salman bhai’s film audiences
  • 15:12 - 15:18
    are more family audiences, is it okay to have this in the film? Are we okay to be so brutal in
  • 15:18 - 15:24
    the film and the idea was that I think its high time we need to, we can't always be catering to
  • 15:24 - 15:31
    same cinema. He is always been a huge superstar and he just told me I have time between
  • 15:32 - 15:35
    before Tiger starts and I genuinely want to do this film
  • 15:35 - 15:38
    as an experiment for myself as well so I think that’s exciting.
  • 15:39 - 15:40
    And Aayush what next for you after Antim?
  • 15:41 - 15:45
    Well there are you know I genuinely feel that I really don’t want to rush into anything you
  • 15:45 - 15:49
    know I just feel that you know everything depends mainly for Antim because this is a big
  • 15:49 - 15:53
    film for people to actually gauge what I am capable of. So I would not say that there is
  • 15:53 - 15:57
    multiple offer that I am getting or I am this film and that film and I am sitting and work, this
  • 15:57 - 16:02
    is not that. I genuinely feel that there is going to be a, its going to be a career defining film for
  • 16:02 - 16:08
    me. It’s a very important film for me if it does connect, if it does get the appreciation and the
  • 16:08 - 16:13
    love then it will be based on Antim. Right now, everybody will talk about movies but they
  • 16:13 - 16:19
    will not start the time Antim shows its merit at the box office. So I really don’t want to rush
  • 16:19 - 16:25
    into it you know based on anything, I just want to take my time. After my first film I took my
  • 16:25 - 16:30
    time to work on the things that I was told that this is the things that I ned to work on as an
  • 16:30 - 16:34
    actor. I worked on it and I came to Antim. So I am sure there will be some feedback that I
  • 16:34 - 16:37
    will get after Antim, I will work on that and then I will what I want to do next
  • 16:38 - 16:43
    But there are reports about you doing another film with Salman that’s Kabhi Eid Kabhi Diwali? Is there
  • 16:43 - 16:47
    any truth to that or there have been multiple reports for the last two years that’s why?
  • 16:48 - 16:53
    Well, you know this film is definitely on floors, its called Bhaijaan and I think they are
  • 16:53 - 16:59
    already Sajid bhai and Salman Bhai discussing for it. I think it all depends if you know Sajid
  • 16:59 - 17:03
    bhai and Salman bhai want me in the film and if they offer me and tell me to do the film I
  • 17:03 - 17:06
    will definitely be a part of it and why not? It is Farhad sir is
  • 17:06 - 17:09
    directing it, Sajid bhai is there, Salman bhai is there, I think it’s kickass
  • 17:10 - 17:14
    Perfect. Thank you so much Aayush. Lovely talking to you and wish you all the best for Antim
  • 17:14 - 17:14
    Thank you, thank you.
Aayush Sharma On The Box Office Pressures Of Working With Salman Khan | Antim: The Final Truth

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