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I am an Italian native speaker, and I can also speak English and Chinese (Mandarin). I have a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Language and Culture that I obtained in July 2017. During my three years of university I started studying simplified Chinese, focusing not only on the language but also on cultural aspects. After receiving my degree, I spent two months in China improving the language in a private institute in Xi’an, and in 2018 I kept studying Chinese for one year at Jiaotong University in Xi’an, having the chance to interact with Chinese people during my stay in China. In December 2018 I obtained an HSK 5 Certification, and in January 2019 an HSKK Intermediate. I started studying English in primary school and I continued until the end of university. In July 2019 I passed the IELTS Examination receiving a band 8,5.
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