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Visar version 1 skapad 11/09/2019 av Blunt Cinema.

  1. Which one do you want to
    read tonight?
  2. -I'm so done with
    the reading.
  3. - Why do you always
    spoil the fun?
  4. - Xyann, remember
    what we discussed?
  5. -I'm going to tell you
    a story.
  6. In a land not far from here
    children sometimes get very ill.
  7. Everything changes
    when that happens.
  8. They are in pain and
    so are their families.
  9. When it's almost too much,
    a colourful rainbow appears.
  10. At the end is a place
    where rules are reversed.
  11. Where you can play outside
    while you're in.
  12. Bubble in water like
    a fish.
  13. Race as fast
    as you can.
  14. Or ride on a horse like
    a true knight.
  15. A whacky writer tells
    the most thrilling stories.
  16. - "His hands were suddenly
    covered with white hair..."
  17. - Where you can be just
    as normal...
  18. ... or no ...
  19. The special heroes of
    a new story!
  20. And do you know the best
    thing of it all?
  21. Through dreams you can
    always go back to this place,
  22. ...even when you're not
    truly there anymore.