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  1. Thousands of cookies and other trackers
  2. follow you around the internet every day.
  3. The Firefox browser now blocks them
  4. automatically.
  5. See for yourself how
  6. your privacy is protected.
  7. Click on the shield in the URL bar
  8. to reveal the trackers
  9. the browser is blocking on a specific site,
  10. and access a full report of
  11. all the trackers
  12. we've blocked for you this week.
  13. Privacy protections also live
  14. in the Main Menu.
  15. t's easy to customise
  16. what you want to block in
  17. the Enhanced Protection Settings
  18. Monitor the trackers attempting
  19. to follow you
  20. and learn more about
  21. the five types of trackers
  22. now being blocked.
  23. Enable your Firefox account
  24. to sign in to Firefox Monitor
  25. and see if your personal information
  26. was part of another company's
  27. data breach
  28. and view your results
  29. right on the page.
  30. Signing into Firefox Lockwise
  31. lets you see the passwords
  32. you've saved in the Firefox browser
  33. and take those passwords with you
  34. on any device.
  35. With Enhanced Protection Features
  36. Firefox helps you keep
  37. what's personal private.