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The concept of image editing in layers

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  1. Ok, this is the GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Program)
  2. And what I'm gonna do is show you how text and images work
  3. I'm going to import an image here
  4. This is an aerial view of the University of Vic
  5. And here I'm going to use this text tool here to put some text on this image
  6. So now I've put the text on the image
  7. And if I use this layers palette here
  8. You can see that there are two objects now
  9. We've got the background and we've got the text
  10. And, in fact, if I use this select tool I can select the text and - excuse me, not that one -
  11. Let's move that back. Select the text - got it wrong again
  12. Well, let's select the background first
  13. I can move that around
  14. Or I can select the text if I'm lucky
  15. I'm going to drag it down underneath the background
  16. Maybe that'll ...
  17. No, that hides it, of course
  18. So I'm going to put it on top of the background
  19. And I can drag it around
  20. Yes, got the background again there
  21. So, I'll leave it up at the top
  22. So here you can see we've got two layers
  23. And if I escape from that I should be able to get rid of the lines there around

  24. The lines around the edge show you which object is selected
  25. So I could export that to a jpg image for example and then it would be one layer
  26. And it would be more difficult to separate the text from the background image
  27. And you wouldn't be able to do this kind of thing, which is go back into the text
  28. And change it, which is what you can do if you - here's the text
  29. I can go back and put for example...
  30. And now I've got Universidad de Vic and I can edit the text separately from the background image
  31. So this is the source file which you need to do that
  32. And this is an image editing program