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  1. Thank you very much, Clode, and
    good afternoon graduates of 2015.
  2. It's such an honor to be
    standing here before you today,
  3. because this is my first set of
    Spring convocations as president of
  4. Algonquin College, the finest college
    in Ontario, if not in Canada.
  5. So we all have something to celebrate.
  6. You have successfully completed
    your chosen program and I feel so
  7. fortunate to be here, to shake your hand,
    and wish you success.
  8. I also wish to acknowledge that this
    ceremony is being held on the traditional
  9. territory of the Algonquin people.
  10. I want to thank our drummers and
    Grandmother Judith, our elder, who is here
  11. today to help us show our respect to
    the original peoples of this land.
  12. >> [APPLAUSE]
    >> Thank you.
  13. [APPLAUSE] Thank you very much.
  14. On behalf of the Board of
    Governors of Algonquin College,
  15. I want to welcome all of our graduates,
    their families and friends here today.
  16. I also want to welcome all who
    are watching this ceremony through live
  17. streaming, as Clode said.
  18. You may be here in Ottawa but unable to
    join us here at the Canadian Tire Center,
  19. home of the 2016 Stanley Cup winners, or
    you may be watching from around the world.
  20. You know it's impressive to me that
    we have students at Algonquin from 94
  21. countries, that's the winter 2015 count,
    International students
  22. who enrich our culture at Algonquin
    here in Ottawa and in the Ottawa valley.
  23. Perhaps family members are watching from
    these countries to share in the pride of
  24. accomplishment that our
    graduates are feeling today.
  25. I also want to thank each and
    every one of you for
  26. choosing Algonquin College to
    complete your post-secondary program.
  27. We know that you had many choices and
    we're grateful that you chose us.
  28. Now I may be a little biased and
    I know our staff feel the same bias,
  29. but I will say that you chose well.
  30. Algonquin's reputation for quality and
    innovation is well recognized.
  31. And you should display your certificate,
    diploma, or
  32. degree with a great deal of pride.
  33. Speaking of this pride, I know you're
    joined here today by people who love you,
  34. and who have likely helped you in some
    way as you have taken this journey,
  35. have helped you with encouraging words,
    late night phone calls ease jitters,
  36. and most likely urgent requests for money.
  37. So let's thank them and
    tell them we love them.
  38. If you're a family member or
    friend of a graduate, and you're able,
  39. could you please stand so
    our graduates can show their gratitude?
  40. Please stand.
  41. >> [APPLAUSE]
    >> And graduates, show your gratitude.
  42. >> [APPLAUSE]
  43. >> Thank you.
  44. I want to also personally thank our
    employees, our faculty, staff, and
  45. the administration here at Algonquin.
  46. No one works harder than this fine group
    to support students, and this shows.
  47. You consistently give them the highest
    marks in student satisfaction for
  48. a college of our size.
  49. Now, many convocations speeches
    that I've heard, my own and
  50. those that I've had the honor to attend,
    start with a quote.
  51. This one will not be different.
  52. It's a favorite pastime of presidents,
  53. I think, researching quotes
    that fit a certain situation.
  54. I will quote one of the most famous, and
    certainly my favorite, philosophers,
  55. Dr. Seuss, and I think it fits so
    well for you today.
  56. It's from a great book,
    Oh The Places You'll Go,
  57. a book that I have bought for
    each of my three children, and
  58. all of my nieces and nephews, as they
    graduated from college or university.
  59. So, here we go.
  60. Congratulations.
  61. Today is your day.
  62. You're off to great places.
  63. You're off and away.
  64. Any of you who've read Dr.
  65. Seuss books know that there is a message
    behind these seemingly simple words.
  66. Today is your day, a day to celebrate
    with your friends and family.
  67. Whether you came here directly from
    secondary school, after completing some or
  68. all of a university degree, or
    as preparation for a delayed, or
  69. second career, you worked very hard and
    you deserve to be celebrating.
  70. Take the time to be proud, and
    to acknowledge the hard work and
  71. persistence that got you here today.
  72. And for some, the challenges were great.
  73. I faced some of my own
    a very long time ago.
  74. I was the first in my family to go
    on to post secondary education.
  75. My mom left high school in grade
    nine to go out, and work and
  76. my dad after grade 12.
  77. So I didn't have the role models and
  78. experienced family members
    to help me along the way.
  79. My parents couldn't afford tuition and
  80. They had three little girls, all within a
    year, and didn't have much money to spend.
  81. If you're doing the math, I'm a twin.
  82. Many of you here may have faced similar,
    and I'm sure, greater challenges.
  83. It's you're determination
    that brought you here today.
  84. I salute all of you.
  85. You deserve much praise.
  86. You're off to great places.
  87. You're off and away.
  88. Well, here is where the future starts for
  89. I'm sure you're feeling excited.
  90. But perhaps a little nervous?
  91. Maybe very nervous?
  92. There are so many opportunities for you.
  93. You may be going on to further studies.
  94. You may be already working.
  95. You may be searching for that dream job,
    but you're not quite there.
  96. Don't worry, it will come.
  97. I had great advise once from a friend.
  98. If you're offered a job, take it.
  99. It may not be your dream job,
    but you'll be off and away.
  100. And who knows where it will lead.
  101. I graduated a long time ago
    with a chemistry degree,
  102. took a job that was offered to me
    in product development at a large
  103. international company right out of school.
  104. I stayed with that job for two years,
    but it wasn't technical enough for me.
  105. So, I started looking and
    found a great job in a steel mill.
  106. That's right, a steel mill,
    developing new test methods and health and
  107. safety procedures.
  108. I was happy enough and
    may have stayed there for some time.
  109. Then, something happened.
  110. As Doctor Seuss says,
    I'm sorry to say so, but
  111. I'm afraid that it's true that bang-ups
    and hang-ups can happen to you.
  112. I experienced a significant bang up.
  113. I was told that I was being laid off
    because of a turn in the economy, so
  114. I had to dust myself off,
    after much feeling sorry for
  115. myself, and think about my next steps.
  116. Maybe some of you did the same and
    that is what led you to Algonquin.
  117. I was asked to take a contract position
    teaching chemical technology and
  118. metallurgy at a college.
  119. I was offered a job and I took it.
  120. I thought I would try it for
    a couple of years.
  121. Well, 30 years later, a master's
    degree through part-time studies, and
  122. a career that has changed my life
    has led me to you as your President,
  123. a career that I would never had imagined
    when I was in your seat waiting for
  124. my name to be called at my convocation.
  125. I tell you that story to give life
    to those words, you're off and away.
  126. It really means don't ever stop learning.
  127. Don't ever stop reinventing yourself.
  128. Your career is going to
    change in many different ways
  129. as you journey through life.
  130. Algonquin has given you the skills to
    succeed along this amazing journey, and
  131. is always here to help through
    continuing education classes, here or
  132. online, as your career takes you off and
  133. Before I close, I want to give you one
    final message that is so important to me.
  134. Graduates, there is more to
    your life than your work.
  135. I believe that we have an obligation and
  136. a responsibility to make a difference in
    this world, to give back to the community,
  137. as I know you have been doing while
    you were studying here at Algonquin.
  138. We have been so fortunate in this
    great country called Canada.
  139. We have the freedom to speak openly,
    to study, to work.
  140. And I strongly believe that we
    need to give back as we are able.
  141. If everyone of us finds the courage and
  142. conviction to chart a path of their
    own and to make a difference,
  143. we will create a better world for our
    children and and for our grandchildren.
  144. Another favorite quote of mine,
    not one by Dr.
  145. Seuss, but
    by Author Margaret Mead says it best.
  146. Never doubt that a small group
    of thoughtful committed citizens
  147. can change the world, indeed,
    it's the only thing that ever has.
  148. So graduates, I wish you much success,
    good health, and above all, happiness.
  149. You're off to great places.
  150. Today is your day.
  151. Your mountain is waiting.
  152. So after celebrating tonight,
    get on your way.
  153. [FOREIGN] Thanks very much.
  154. >> [APPLAUSE]