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Ukazujem Revíziu 4 vytvorenú 07/25/2018 od Faraz Rehman.

  1. my experience when it comes to
  2. disability being included in the
  3. about inclusivity has been that in
  4. general it hasn't been
  5. It's only recently that it's really start
  6. to move the needle on me, you do a lot of
  7. work with sag-aftra in issues
    around of diversity
  8. and inclusivity and I got a say that
  9. the performance of disability to me
    has done
  10. phenomenal work in moving the
    needle in
  11. getting this conversation
    happening in the industry,
  12. its amazing how much energy
  13. it takes to get that big old bolder role
  14. in just an inch and they've done that
  15. and it's starting to move now
  16. It's actually starting to role
  17. and people have that in conversation
  18. cause-ahh-causepeople
  19. I think what Iam most excited
    about right now
  20. is that so many people are talking about
  21. equality and inclusivity and
  22. they are trying to make sure that
    nobody get's left out
  23. and so when you point out
  24. to somebody that you are leaving out
  25. the 20% of the population
  26. they pay attention, they wake up
  27. and so that to me has been, I think it's
  28. not been nearly as hard a converstion
  29. as it would have been 10-15 years ago
  30. people suddenly go, oh ! you are right
  31. I haven't been thinking about that
  32. i have'nt been including performance
    of the disabilities in my projects,
  33. I haven't been hiring writers
    with disabilities
  34. I haven't been looking for producer
  35. so the simple fact that is being pointed
  36. out to them in a sometimes in the
  37. shaming way but sometimes in the
  38. this action will help improve your
    bottom line
  39. because people always wanna see
    themselves on camera
  40. and this doesn't always either be
    the point
  41. in fact sometimes it's most powerful win
  42. yo, what you see a person on camera with a
  43. disability and it's not the point of
    the story
  44. that's happening more and more
    it's not happening enough
  45. but lets be clear
    but it's happening more
  46. cause you know at the end of
    the day
  47. I think people are starting to
    realize that if you
  48. say you stand for a quality, it's got
    be a quality across the board
  49. It can't be just quality for people
    that look look like me
  50. or my gender,or think like me, or
    love like me
  51. It's gotta be a quality for everybody
  52. either you fight for everybody or
    you really just fighting for yourself
  53. and people like you
  54. so I think that's the message that's
    gotta get out there more and more
  55. I think, It's out there that simple
    note of
  56. don't forget about these folks
  57. who are by the way is the biggest
  58. of people that are forgotten in the