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  1. Hi everyone we’re live here with
    Damon Rose from BBC Ouch!
  2. And we’re just gonna have a little
    chat with him and share with you all
  3. -Hi Damon
  4. -Thanks for joining us today
    -Thanks for coming to our country
  5. -Yes
    -It’s all brighter for it.
  6. [Laughter]
    Thank you, it’s been quite lovely actually
  7. So, we can just get right into it.
    Maybe you could tell us
  8. how you started BBC Ouch!
  9. How did we start it? So, it all
    started with a meeting some years ago.
  10. I think it was back in about 2001,
    we had a TV show on national station BBC2
  11. Which was a disability magazine show
    that was on every week
  12. and it was filmed at the time the internet
    was beginning to grow.
  13. [inaudible]
  14. And it could be a two way conversation
  15. It was a bit like the website Ouch!
    which was always a little bit different.
  16. [inaudible]
  17. Very keen not to be wordy
  18. [inaudible]
  19. We wanted to do disability at the time
    in the way that disabled mates might talk
  20. about it down at the pub.
    You know, that sort of thing.
  21. So we set it up.
  22. [inaudible]
  23. And that went on 8 or 9 years
    when we went on to BBC news,
  24. we took one leg of what we were doing,
    which was the journalism side of things
  25. and we concentrated on that and kept
    the podcast as well, which we do
  26. [inaudible]
  27. So that's where we are these days.
    -And you're happy with the way things are going?
  28. Yeah but I'm standing in the BBC foyer
    so if I wasn't happy
  29. I wouldn't be telling you.
  30. But I am.
  31. Good.
    Good, so how did the name come to you?
  32. The name literally, I know people say this
    literally did come to me in the shower.
  33. One morning we had, oh goodness,
    the idea of coming up with a name
  34. for a disability website,
    is a bit of a nightmare
  35. for any kind of disability project.
  36. We desperately wanted,
    forgive me,
  37. but we didn't want anything with the word
    "able" in it, for instance, because
  38. it was such a, people do it a lot.
    Every single disability project
  39. is "able" this, "able" that, work "able",
    media "able", radio "able".
  40. Whatever, you know.
    So I was keen not to go through that
  41. and I wanted something that had a bit of
    attitude as well.
  42. I'm trying to think of other things
    we went through at the time.
  43. Some of the ideas are probably
    worth dwelling on a bit.
  44. Some of the names we came up with
  45. as we went along, I remember at one point,
    when our working title was
  46. Disability Noodle, I don't know where that
  47. came from.
  48. Someone in the marketing
    department once decided
  49. that a good name for it might be
    "I Dance to my Own Song"
  50. and you sit there and you think,
    that's a bit floaty
  51. It's a bit, I don't know, pretentious
    or something
  52. [Laughter]
    Don't know how that one came about
  53. but people come at disability from all
    sorts of different angles, don't they.
  54. Clearly.
    Someone even suggested that "Minefield"
  55. might be a really good name for Ouch!
    because people think of it as, you know,
  56. you can't say this, you can't say that.
    It's a bit of a minefield.
  57. But, then we of course, had to point out
    that there's plenty of disabled people
  58. that were unfortunately disabled in
  59. So, perhaps it wasn't the best title.
  60. So, what would you call a new disability
    website, Leah, that's what I want to know.
  61. I would, just a period.
    I don't know. I think you guys did a
  62. great job with what you came up with.
    I think it's perfect.
  63. Thank you very much.
    -Yeah, absolutely.
  64. -Can you think of the most memorable
    reaction you've gotten from an audience
  65. or listener?
    Most memorable?
  66. -Yeah, anything that really
    stands out to you?
  67. -Funny, negative, positive, something that
    just pops in your head.
  68. Oh, yeah, things aren't popping into my
    head right now.
  69. I mean, it's always nice when we hear,
    we get people now, course,
  70. podcast's been running 10 years,
  71. but we get people who say,
    "you changed our life with your podcast.
  72. We've never heard disabled voiced in that
    way before."
  73. We had created a kind of radio show, that
    had never been done before, in that way
  74. and it was really out there and really
    said, horrible things some times but
  75. you know, quirky things and amusing things
    and it had a but of an attitude so a lot
  76. of people have written to us over the
    years and said if it wasn't for the
  77. podcast we wouldn't have the same kind of
    self-esteem we have now and we wouldn't
  78. really have gone down certain roads to
    becoming happy, really.
  79. Which is, you know, very exciting.
    I don't know if everybody thinks like that
  80. I'm sure they don't, but some are
    particularly gratifying.
  81. They've happened. I guess that's why we do
    this disability media stuff, isn't it?
  82. -Sure. Change attitudes, bring awareness.
  83. -So, anything else you want to add because
    I am pleased with our chat.
  84. [Laughter]
    What else can I add?
  85. Well, if anybody wants to come see
    our stuff, it's bbc.co.uk/ouch
  86. We do podcast, video, articles, you know.
    -Wonderful. Thanks for joining us.
  87. Thank you.