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  1. Oh you know people with disabilites
  2. have already been isolated, you know?
  3. And the country is finally waking up
  4. to the realities of people with disabilties
  5. We work from home, many of us
  6. do our whole work from the bed.
  7. We've been telemarketing
  8. ever since the internet began
  9. I'm glad that the rest of the world
  10. is waking up to what the people
  11. with disabilities have
  12. been living since day one.
  13. The question is, after this,
  14. are we going to really sit down and
  15. look at how we can implement
  16. some of the things that people with
  17. disabilities have been doing since day one
  18. The media is so idiotic because if you
  19. look at any other things, it takes
  20. brown and black people. If you look at
  21. who's working in grocery stores
  22. whose doing this essential work...
  23. My sister works with banks.
  24. She has to go to work.
  25. It makes sense that
  26. black and brown people are affected more
  27. by this virus
  28. The thing is, what are we
  29. going to do about it as a country?
  30. I think institutionalized racism
  31. kills us constantly, every day.
  32. With the virus, it just compounds it.