What NOT to do in ENGLAND - DON'Ts of England [2021 U.K. Travel Guide]

What NOT to do in ENGLAND - DON'Ts of England [2021 U.K. Travel Guide]

In this video, we'll cover what NOT to do when you're traveling to England. From enchanting small towns to the cosmopolitan cities like London, you'll probably agree England is one of the must-visit places. But what are some of the absolute DON'Ts of England? Knowing this might help make your trip to London and other places in England more pleasant.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 DON'T confuse ENGLAND with the UK
1:19 DON'T assume all FOOD is bad
2:33 DON'T assume things stop for AFTERNOON TEA
3:11 DON'T assume they don't drink COFFEE
3:34 DON'T drive if you feel UNSURE
4:35 DON'T forget to look RIGHT when CROSSING the street
4:57 DON'T stand on the LEFT on ESCALATORS
5:04 DON'T expect to PARTY all night
5:26 DON'T forget to check when it's DAYTIME
6:00 DON'T forget to visit FREE MUSEUMS
6:17 DON'T forget to EXPLORE England
6:49 DON'T expect rest of UK to be cheaper than LONDON
7:19 DON'T forget to PACK SMART
7:47 DON'T assume it RAINS every day
8:00 DON'T stay only at HOTELS
8:12 DON'T forget to WATCH your BELONGINGS
8:32 DON'T jump the QUEUE, greet inappropriately, be late
9:45 DON'T forget a TRAVEL ADAPTER

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