Embedded ARM development in Debian

How we got a toolchain for Jessie!

This talk is an update of the status of Embedded ARM toolchain in Debian
since last Debconf in Switzerland, when Keith Packard talked about the
support and work needed on Cortex-M0 and M3 chips.
Today we can say that Jessie will be released with a complete and an
amazing ARM toolchain for Embedded Systems, providing support for all
cortex-A*/R*/M* processors.

When you acquire a beautiful embedded board, you realize that at some
point you will be needing to download tons of proprietary and
distributed binary-only software, or build a lot of projects from
scratch just to try blinking a LED.
Now, you have the alternative of using the ARM Bare Metal Toolchain
provided by Debian altogether the favourite flavoured IDE of your choice.

On the same page, there are some important areas of improvements we need
to work on, one of them being improving documentation, helping to reduce
a steepy learning curve.