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  1. I've had a disability for thirty-one years.
  2. I was involved in a car accident in 1987. I'm Bob Ness, I'm a video Producer
  3. and Editor, and I've always wanted to be part of the production,
  4. and I would have to hire DP's to shoot
  5. whatever I wanted for my videos and
  6. when I saw that Canon came out with an app, that I could actually pull focus with, on
  7. the 5D Mark Four, I was really excited because I can finally be a part of the production
  8. because instead of having to explain shots that I wanted to people,
  9. I could actually go out and get them myself, which
  10. was really important to me , because I would always have to ask people to shoot
  11. now I could just go out and shoot whatever footage I wanted, bring it back and
  12. edit myself, so ...it was really kind of a game changer for me.
  13. I was a communications major and I always wanted to
  14. be involved in television and, and video
  15. and radio, so I was
  16. determined to get back involved with it , and you know it took a while for technology
  17. to go from tapes to digital , but it
  18. finally did, and I was able to ..I started working as a producer and editor
  19. and then, kept on working in the business until
  20. I was editing the digital stuff
  21. then non-linear editing came out, and I always wanted to shoot and I couldn't
  22. because the cameras were too bulky and too big and now
  23. things have gotten so small and easy to handle that I'm finally get out
  24. in the field and shoot my own videos, so it's been a long trajectory but
  25. I think it's worked out so far. I have a company that's called: Sliding Board Productions
  26. I called it Sliding Board Productions because a sliding board is a piece of wood
  27. you put under you to transfer from your chair to another chair or
  28. to uhh.. a couch or bed or whatever, but I think that a story takes you from
  29. one places to another, as the board takes you from one place to another. I work with marketing
  30. departments, marketing videos , telling stories about
  31. services, new products , I also work with a lot of non-profits
  32. and tell their stories, help raise funds
  33. It's a fun business I really enjoy it and uhh.. I hope to keep doing it.
  34. I'm located in Chicago Illinois, and I've been in
  35. business for, I worked in video for about twenty years and i've had my own company for
  36. about five , you know we could always be a little more busy.
  37. maybe... (laughs) but it's fun, that's the main thing I
  38. really enjoy it everyday, so ..