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  1. ♪ (jazzy music) ♪
  2. (male, off-screen) When people look at
  3. you, what do you want them to see?
  4. The real me.
  5. (David, off-screen) I am so excited because
  6. I saw the first season this last week.
  7. We both did.
  8. We both did, and I have to say
    it's one of my favorite shows.
  9. What is it about being so honest and
  10. We're like a big family, and always
  11. there for each other.
  12. What's your favorite part, Jamie?
  13. The family of it.
  14. Yeah.
  15. Like coming together
  16. with the leaps and bounds.
  17. I got this one for you.
  18. You mean the world to me.
  19. You're amazing,
  20. I promise to take care of you for
  21. the rest of my life.
  22. Marriage means that someone
  23. will always love you,
  24. and care about you a lot.
  25. Could you show us your ring?
  26. ♪ (wedding music plays) ♪
  27. (applause)
  28. (David) We're gonna draw some words,
  29. and go from there.
  30. You wanna start with a word?
  31. Independence.
  32. Freedom.
  33. Love.
  34. Oh my God...
  35. Happiness.
  36. Legit.
  37. (David, off-screen) Legit?
  38. Yes.
  39. (male, off-screen) That's actually my
    word, too.
  40. And why legit?
  41. It means good.
  42. The loves in my life is my mom and
    my dad.
  43. I really love my parents a lot, and
  44. me and my mom are really good friends.
  45. And I love her so much.
  46. What interests you guys?
  47. The kind of music that I enjoy is like...
    hard rock.
  48. And I definitely like R-rated movies.
  49. Me, I love dancing.
  50. And I love--my favorite type of music is
  51. pop rock. And my favorite singer is
  52. Adam Lambert.
  53. I have a fear of the dark, myself.
  54. My biggest fear was going a little bit
  55. too fast, actually, and find out I
  56. actually have a kid or something.
  57. Is there a fear that you go through?
  58. I don't have one.
  59. (David, off-screen) You don't have one?
  60. Nope.
  61. We like the same food actually.
  62. Really?
  63. Yes, bean burritos!
  64. Those could be powerful!
  65. (laughter)
  66. People with Down syndrome
  67. can do anything.
  68. And Down syndrome never stops us
  69. When my mom raised me,
  70. she found out I had Down syndrome.
  71. And that's okay.
  72. I want to inspire people
  73. who have Down syndrome.
  74. Just be yourself.
  75. Let things go.
  76. Don't be so in a box.
  77. You first, then me.
  78. So do you want me to tell them
  79. what I would like to teach people?
  80. Yes.
  81. Then you tell them what you'd like.
  82. Exactly!
  83. I want to teach people that every life
  84. has value. And that it doesn't
  85. matter what you're born with,
  86. everybody's life has a purpose
  87. and a reason for being here.
  88. Every single person has the
  89. opportunity to change the world.
  90. Even if it's only the world right around them.
  91. We all have talents.
  92. God has given everybody a talent.
  93. If they would nurture that in every child.
  94. I think the public could
  95. accept them more.
  96. And see that we are just like everybody else.
  97. If they stare at me, just say hello!
  98. You don't have to make a big deal of it
  99. just accept me as I am.
  100. One of the things I'm hoping is coming across
  101. from the show is how different the all are.
  102. A lot of times people prejudge Down syndrome
  103. to one kind of person.
  104. The lump everyone who has Down syndrome.
  105. They are beautiful children, angels,
  106. they are marvelous.
  107. Sometimes they feel that they're all the
  108. same, and they are not.
  109. They are very different from each other.
  110. They have their own personalities.
  111. To families who are having kids with Down
  112. syndrome right now, who are very young,
  113. the new generation coming up, they have
  114. a lot to look forward to.
  115. Hey Mr. DeMille I'm ready for my close-up!
  116. ♪ (guitar strumming) ♪
  117. ♪ (jazzy music) ♪