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  1. Summer holidays - should you take them or not?
  2. Traffic noise
  3. Would you prefer to stay in France during your holidays?
  4. Most of the time, yes, but sometimes I manage to get back home to my own country
  5. because I come from Pondichery
  6. which is an old French settlement in the south of India
  7. About how often do you go?
  8. Once every three years with the family, if I can
  9. You take your family to Pondichery?
  10. Yes, because they must not forget their roots
  11. It is not a question of preference but perhaps of having the means to go
  12. Personally, I do not have the means to travel abroad, so I stay in France
  13. Do you usually go abroad or do you stay in France?
  14. It depends on my finances. I love going abroad just as much as staying in France, it depends
  15. When you go abroad, where do you go?
  16. Some countries I have been to are Guadeloupe, Martinique, Spain, Italy, Algeria, of course, there you are!
  17. It depends, it depends on the season, it depends on the occasion
  18. For several years I would systematically go
  19. at the end of August or the beginning of September
  20. to fish in Austria.
  21. A bit of both, for example for the holidays this summer
  22. I am having ten days in Corsica and ten days in Greece
  23. and I travel a little too
  24. mixing work with pleasure
  25. I go a bit to Brazil
  26. You are always going on holiday
  27. It's summer
  28. As for me, I still don't know what I will do this summer
  29. I want to go boating, probably in Ireland
  30. You don't want to go swimming?
  31. No, no, sailing
  32. Have you been doing this for long?
  33. A dozen or so years now
  34. I try to go sailing once or twice a year
  35. American client "It's cute"
  36. You told me you are staying in France, which part?
  37. Or are you staying in Paris?
  38. No, no, no, I am going to Provence, to La Ciotat to be precise, where I have a house
  39. This is a part of France unspoilt by mass tourism
  40. or by snobbism. It is a very French area, a particular type of area
  41. which is calm and tranquil, and that I really love after the rush of the summer
  42. Where there are just the two of us, with no children
  43. So you can travel very far afield these days
  44. we can do this without problem
  45. and what is more, we like going like that, off for an adventure
  46. a bit far flung, to learn about other cultures and other countries
  47. France we can go to at the weekend
  48. This year, for example, we are off to Costa Rica
  49. and tomorrow we leave for central America
  50. Philippe chose it
  51. It is a country I have always been attracted by
  52. because I already adore Latin America and Central America
  53. and it seems that it is an absolutely magnificent country
  54. with many natural parks
  55. There is the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, coffee fields, volcanoes
  56. Both the mountain and the jungle are there, this I find really attractive